Samsungs Top-Smartwatch 2022 im Test

Im Vergleich zur ebenfalls neuen Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 ist die Galaxy Watch 5 Pro nicht nur mit einem größeren, sondern auch mit einem hochwertigeren Titan-Gehäuse ausgestattet. Zudem ist der Akku größer und du kannst zum Beispiel während einer GPS-unterstützten Wanderung die in die Uhr integrierte Track-Back-Funktion nutzen. Heißt: Sie leitet dich per Display-Anzeige zu … Read more

For optimal muscle building: protein before or after training, which is better?

Protein is one of the three most important macronutrients and is primarily responsible for optimal post-exercise muscle regeneration and muscle development. But when is the best time to consume protein to precisely support muscle building, before or after a workout? reading advice It can ruin the trainingYou should avoid these four mistakes after exercising Here … Read more

Teufel in-ear headphones for less than 100 euros

FOCUS Online Shopping Offer: Only 24 Hours On Sale! Teufel in-ear headphones for 99.99 euros Friday, 01/27/2023, 09:00 On the train, during a workout or in the shared office with the whole family: Teufel’s in-ear headphones with integrated ANC allow you to focus on what’s important at the moment. Save 50 euros for 24 hours … Read more

Exercise Snacking: The workout for those who don’t have time to exercise

Thanks to the exercise snacks, you can even get your sports fix on busy days The fact that exercise in everyday life brings with it a wide range of health benefits is probably nothing new to you. A lower risk of developing heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes or having a stroke: Stronger muscles … Read more

How many calories do I need to burn to lose weight?

Calorie Requirement: This is the number of calories your body needs every day To understand exactly how many calories you need to cut and burn each day, you first need to know your energy demand calculate. This consists of the so-called basal metabolic rate and the performance metabolic rate. the basal metabolic rate describes the … Read more

App market is over half a billion dollars, Instagram brings “Silent Mode”, Freeletics with Workout Creator

Dear readers, Singer Camila Cabello recently posed on Instagram with her middle finger outstretched, writing below the image: “I’m part of the flip phone revolution team.” at home and take an old flip phone with you. In New York there is even a group of teens who call themselves “Luddite Teens” (teens who refuse to … Read more

Eva Longoria: Losing weight is fun with her exercise routine

“Desperate Housewives” star Eva Longoria proves it: Skipping fitness is the perfect trending exercise for those who don’t like sports! Here are three great fitness trampolines for shopping. receives a commission from the retailer for certain links in this article. All links relevant to mediation have a icon marked. More Eva Longoria (47) is … Read more

SPECIAL: AIRY TWS: Teufel introduces new truly wireless in-ear headphones for every situation

January 26, 2023 (Philipp Kind) With the AIRY TWS, Teufel presents a new truly wireless and affordable in-ear headphones that adapt perfectly to any situation and can be considered as a true all-rounder. Whether on the go, at home enjoying evening entertainment or in an online meeting, the Teufel AIRY TWS should always impress with … Read more

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