Financial meltdown: will insurance help the city bail out after all? – Region Schwandorf – News

Burglengenfeld.“The best comes last…” is not just the name of a tragic comedy starring Jack Nicholson. The saying is confirmed again and again in local politics. The latest example: the council meeting on Wednesday night. At the end of the meeting, the most exciting questions arose. ########### ### ### ####### ### ######### ########## ###### ###### … Read more

You should not combine oats with this food

Whether as porridge or muesli, baked into bread or biscuits: oatmeal They are a true superfood. They contain many nutrients, are healthy for our body and even have a mood-enhancing effect. However, you can ruin all of these benefits if you combine oats incorrectly. We’ll show you which foods to avoid. This is why oatmeal … Read more

Planet Fitness Stock: This Should Give You Food! ()

Planet Fitness is priced at $58.8 on the New York Stock Exchange on 09/29/2022 at 10:23 am The business is listed under “Recreational Facilities”. We break down Planet Fitness’s outlook based on 7 main categories. The action receives a partial rating for each category. In an overview, the results lead to classification as “Buy”, “Hold” … Read more

Motor vehicle insurance: Finanztip shows rate characteristics with savings potential

September 30, 2022 – Just in time for the traditional November 30 end date, which still applies to many auto insurance companies, recommendations for an optimal auto policy are on the rise. Finanztip, which intends to publish a comparison of providers in mid-October, sees a “particular” need for savings for consumers in 2022. Therefore, it … Read more

Insurance refuses to pay: Judicial crime for empty bank vault | Regional

insurance refuses to pay | Trial thriller about an empty bank vault Dusseldorf – A good three years ago, nearly a million euros went missing from a Düsseldorf district savings bank vault. To this day, the perpetrator has not been identified. The case only became known when the financial institution and the insurer argued in … Read more

Tank failure: the insurance looks for the cause of the incorrect refueling

September 29, 2022 at 1:13 p.m. Tank failure at Globus : Gasoline instead of diesel: why, according to the insurer, incorrect refueling is technically almost impossible What was the reason for the incorrect supply of the Globus gas station? This is now a case for shipping company insurance (our photo is a symbolic image). Photo: … Read more

New Classes of Auto Insurance Types: For Whom Driving a Car Is Now Getting More Expensive

New types of car insurance For whom driving a car is now becoming more and more expensive 09/29/2022, 13:01 Will we have to pay more for car insurance in 2023? Or will it even be cheaper? The annually recalculated rate classes play an important role in contributions. You can read here which models are particularly … Read more

Losheim: tank breakdown – insurance looks for cause of incorrect refueling

09/29/2022 at 12:54 Gasoline instead of diesel in the tank : After a tank breakdown in Losheim: why, according to the insurer, it is technically almost impossible to refuel incorrectly What was the reason for the incorrect supply of the Globus gas station? This is now a case for shipping company insurance (our photo is … Read more

10 minute workout for a flat stomach

10 minute workout for a toned belly We will introduce you to crunch exercises for your stomach, with which you can effectively strengthen and tighten your core. Do them in a circle, so do the exercises in a row for several rounds. Is that how it works: Guide each exercise about 30 seconds outside. After … Read more

Health protection with two questions | THE INVESTMENT

Canada Life is now offering a campaign where 16-40 year olds can insure themselves against serious illness by asking just two questions about their health. Critical illness insurance, better known as critical illness insurance, pays the sum insured tax-free once if a critical illness occurs. With the Canada Life policy, this is up to 75,000 … Read more

Office Worker Fitness: Human Resource Management

HR Workshop Question: How can HR promote office workers’ fitness on the job?Answer: Dr. Ben Baak, Coach and Sports Scientist Statistically speaking, if you sit for an hour, you lose 22 minutes of your life. That’s what Mayo Clinic researchers found. Unfortunately, the Germans are the best when it comes to lack of exercise. They … Read more

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