5 euros for 1 litre: As with Aldi, Rewe & Co., oil prices are through the roof

Sunflower oil is currently out of stock in many supermarkets
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Sunflower and rapeseed oil are currently often out of stock.

According to a “Focus Online” report, the oil that is still available at Aldi is currently 550 percent more expensive than it was in January.

The 1 liter bottle of Ondosol now costs 4.99 euros there. And so it almost reaches the prices of olive oil.

Sunflower and rapeseed oil are currently in short supply in German supermarkets. With deliveries being massively restricted for weeks due to the Ukraine war, prices for rare foods, meanwhile, are also rising. In some cases, some discount stores are already raising the prices of their own brand oils by 550 percent, as “Focus Online” reports. According to the report, Aldi will in future offer Ondosol brand sunflower oil at €4.99 per bottle, a difference of €3.20 compared to the out-of-stock Bellasan brand. According to “Focus Online”, the oil that is still available is currently 550 percent more expensive than in January.

Because sunflower and rapeseed oil are currently out of stock or nearly out of stock in many stores, many grocery stores are limiting the number of bottles a single person can buy. Apparently, many customers had started hoarding in recent weeks fearing low availability.

Prices are likely to continue to rise

According to “Focus Online”, industry insiders expect prices to continue to rise, so that sunflower oil could soon cost as much as much more expensive olive oil. The average price per liter is currently 6.50 euros.

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I’ve tracked the prices of 10 discount groceries since January: the highest markup was 50 percent.

However, Aldi is not alone in raising prices. Rewe is also raising prices. There, Thomy brand sunflower oil costs 5.05 euros per litre. Hopefully other grocery stores have raised their prices as well, they just don’t communicate it as openly. As Business Insider reported in a big discount check, many products have gotten more expensive in recent months, and not just since the start of the war. The prices of rolled oats, for example, have risen: in mid-January, a 500-gram package still cost 49 cents, but now it costs ten cents more in various discount stores, which corresponds to a markup of 20 per cent. hundred.

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