Aldi and Lidl take a drastic step: customers are angry


This is why Lidl and Aldi cover price information in brochures

Discount: Aldi increases the prices of many products

Discount: Aldi increases the prices of many products

Butter is 30 percent more expensive: Aldi announces that it will increase the prices of some products next week. Supermarket prices are through the roof.

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For some products, discount stores no longer list prices in brochures. Consumers criticize the approach, but there’s a reason.


  • Food prices continue to rise
  • This leads Aldi and Lidl discounters to cover up prices in brochures
  • This does not go down well with customers.

Discount stores like Aldi and Lidl have been hiding pricing information in their stores for a few weeks. advertising brochures with red stickers. At Aldi, consumers now read “daily fresh” at Lidl “daily updated”.

With this measure, supermarkets are reacting to price fluctuations caused by the war in Ukraine. The fact that some groceries are in short supply in the current situation also has an impact on the price. Discount stores respond with the red buttons.

A spokesman for aldi north explained to “Business Insider” that fresh produce in particular is currently subject to “major short-term price fluctuations in the market than is usual.” Rising energy prices would also have an impact on price planning.

However, the spokesman also noted that the discount store had been selling those buttons for two years used in brochures. Also read: Hartz IV: Recipients have very little money to buy groceries

Aldi, Lidl and Co. can’t plan some long-term prices

There is a logical explanation behind this: Since discount stores often produce their advertising brochures weeks in advance, they can use the current rate price information don’t always involve. The stickers on the brochures show which products have especially different prices.

In social media On the other hand, some users criticize the stickers for being opaque and fear price increase. Financially weak people, in particular, rely on price information to calculate their purchases. Also interesting: Rewe makes a promise to customers: This is how you should save

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