Aldi changes brochures: customers are furious in the network

The prices of certain products are hidden in the brochures of some discount stores.

The prices of certain products are hidden in the brochures of some discount stores.Image: photo booth / photo booth / van der Velden

Franziska Wohlfarth

For many people, leafing through supermarket brochures is part of their daily routine. In light of rising grocery prices, a lot of money can be saved by comparing different items and discount offers.

Customers flipping through current Aldi and Lidl brochures should have already noticed something new there: Both discount stores hide the prices of certain products.

Prices in discount brochures are hidden

At Aldi and Lidl, the prices of selected products are hidden by a large red circle. This says “daily fresh price” or “daily updated price”. When asked by Business Insider magazine, an Aldi Nord spokesperson explained what the buttons are about.

The prices of meat products are often conspicuously hidden.

The prices of meat products are often conspicuously hidden.image: screenshot / aldi north

“Related to many imponderables, fresh items in particular are currently subject to even higher short-term price fluctuations in the market than is already usual,” the discounter said in response. Reference was also made to the corona crisis, ongoing global supply bottlenecks, as well as rising energy prices and the war in Ukraine. “All of this is currently affecting prices in the market on a daily basis and is restricting our long-term planning.”

Price fluctuations due to the pandemic and the Ukraine war

Since the brochures are produced a few weeks in advance, the red mark, which has been used for years, allows a flexible reaction to daily price changes. The red circle with the letters “Daily Fresh Price” is an indication of products for which the price could fluctuate significantly. This applies especially to fresh produce such as cucumbers or lettuce.

But price increases can also be hidden at the push of a button: The costs of animal products, coffee, oil and flour in particular, have risen sharply in recent weeks due to supply bottlenecks and rising prices. the demand.

Angry Twitter user: “It’s clear where the price is headed”

The button also seems to have caught the attention of some users on Twitter. “Even Aldi has ‘daily price’ on the brochures for strawberries and blueberries. It is probably clear where the price is heading. Things won’t get any cheaper,” one user raged.

Another Twitter user complained about the unreliability of the brochures. “Just stay early in the week y’all [Discounter] search and compare on the spot”.

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