Are white spots on Nutella a sign of salmonella?

Ferrero has had to withdraw the chocolate in recent weeks. Now people are posting photos of weird-looking Nutella on social media. Are white spots on chocolate a sign of salmonella?

Following recalls of children’s chocolate, social media users are also fearful of salmonella in Nutella. An outbreak of salmonella had occurred at a Ferrero factory in Arlon, Belgium. As a result, Ferrero chocolate products, such as surprise eggs and chocolate bonbons, have been recalled in several countries in recent days and weeks. On social media, users are now concerned that other manufacturer’s products may be contaminated. Above all, there are photos of Nutella with white bubbles on the surface. Beneath the posts, users discuss whether or not it is salmonella.

Ferrero en France responded to one of the tweets: “We want to assure consumers that these traces are not related to ‘salmonella colonies’ but rather a change in product consistency due to storage conditions. This is in no way It affects the quality and taste of the product.

At high temperatures, cocoa butter and sugar can crystallize on the surface and cause an optical change. Therefore, white spots are not a sign of salmonella.

Is salmonella recognizable?

Salmonella cannot be seen with the naked eye. They also cannot be recognized by changes in the smell or taste of food.

Therefore, hygiene is an effective measure in protection against salmonella. It is essential to wash your hands after going to the bathroom, after handling raw eggs, meat and fish and before preparing meals. Salmonella multiply at room temperature. The Lower Saxony State Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety recommends: Store foods of animal origin that may contain salmonella in the refrigerator and heat them to at least 70 degrees before consumption. By the way, at Utopia we generally recommend eating less animal-based foods because it’s better for your health, the animals, and the planet.

Best alternatives for Nutella

Although the white spots on Nutella jars do not pose a health risk, there are better alternatives to the popular chocolate spread. Because Ferrero is one of the largest chocolate manufacturers and uses conventionally grown ingredients to make it. The milk used is not certified organic. After all, Ferrero is a Fairtrade raw material partner for chocolate. However, the hazelnuts in Nutella and many other Ferrero products could be problematic: conventional hazelnuts, like cocoa, are often harvested under farm conditions; child labor is also not uncommon here. Ferrero also processes large amounts of palm oil.

It is possible that the Nutelle alternatives we recommend may cause fat flocculation. The truth is that they are produced in better conditions. Here you will find 7 real Nutella alternatives: 4x palm oil free, 3x fair trade, some organic and vegan. In one of our classification tables you will also find chocolate spreads without palm oil. If you want to know exactly what ingredients your walnut nougat cream has, of course you can make it yourself. You can find a recipe here: The Nutella Alternative: Make Your Own Chocolate Spread.

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