Are you thinking of buying an electric car?

Gasoline and diesel have become massively more expensive this year. Everyone approaches this problem differently. Some simply drive fewer cars, others are considering doing without their own vehicle altogether, and still others are thinking of switching to an electric car. A good reason to ask readers a question: Are you planning to buy/switch to an electric car?

There is no doubt that time for combustion engines is running out. Appropriate laws have already been introduced in many countries around the world. In the long term, there will only be electric cars on the market in the European Union and thus also in Germany. But there is still a chance to hold out with combustion engines. Everyone can have their own reasons for this.

For one thing, electric cars are still relatively expensive in direct comparison to combustion engines, especially when the used market is included. On the other hand, charging infrastructure is not yet ideally developed everywhere. And those who travel a lot but can’t charge at work these days may also see combustion engines or, at most, a hybrid as their own style.

In an international comparison, electricity in Germany is not exactly cheap either. And anyone planning to play with the car for themselves will likely think twice about an electric car. But there are many points in favor of electric cars. They drive without emissions, their noise level is lower, electricity is cheaper than gasoline and diesel, and the charging structure in Germany is constantly expanding. In the long term, the future belongs to electric vehicles.

I’m excited to see what our readers think. Sooner or later, each of us will probably have to switch to an electric car, at least if we are going to buy a new vehicle in the course of our lives. So my question to you this month is: Are you planning to buy an electric car? If you want to refuse electric mobility for as long as possible, I’m curious about the personal reasons in the comments!

Charging... Charging…

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