Brandenburg: Tesla factory poses no threat to groundwater

Updated on 04/26/2022 at 16:59

  • As of today, the State Environment Agency approval notice for Tesla is publicly available.
  • This shows that the state of Brandenburg sees no danger to groundwater due to the requirements for the US electric car manufacturer’s new factory in Grünheide.

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The state of Brandenburg sees no danger to groundwater due to the requirements for the new factory of the American electric car manufacturer Tesla in Grünheide. This follows from the approval notice of the State Environment Agency for Tesla, which has been public since Tuesday.

During the operational phase, the water-hazardous substances would be kept in storage ships, containers and shipping containers, which corresponds to a regulation on how to treat them. “This prevents the penetration of water contaminating substances into the aquifer.” Accidents with water contaminating substances would not have an impact beyond the company’s facilities and neither would it impact the soil or groundwater if prevention measures were observed.

No contaminants enter the groundwater.

According to the State Agency for the Environment and the Lower Oder-Spree Water Authority, on April 11, 15,000 liters of a paint mixture leaked into the Tesla paint shop and was pumped out. A day later, when loading, two or three liters ran into the access road and were tied up. The liquid is considered slightly hazardous to water. According to the district, it did not reach the sewer system or groundwater. The Strausberg-Erkner water association, which supplies Tesla, considers the outflow to be an accident.

The approval notice is available in Grünheide, Spreenhagen, Erkner, Beeskow (Oder-Spree district) and Frankfurt (Oder) for 14 days. A one-month period for objections begins on May 10. The documents must be visible online until the end of the period. Tesla’s first electric car plant in Europe was opened on March 22 in the presence of company boss Elon Musk. (sbi/dpa)

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