Cheap car fails Euro NCAP crash test

Again and again Dacia! The cars of the Romanian subsidiary of Renault are very popular because they do not cost a lot of money. Unfortunately, crash tests regularly show that the manufacturer also saves, in terms of safety.

Last year, the Euro NCAP organization dismantled the Dacia Sandero Stepway. The result was embarrassing (score: two out of five possible stars). Now the accident experts reviewed the Dacia Jogger. The new model fared even worse, not even hitting a wall.

Euro NCAP stands for European New Car Assessment Program. NCAP members include the German General Automobile Club (ADAC) and the Federal Ministry of Transport.

Both models share the technology.

The accident organization discovered that the new corridor is technically identical to the Sandero Stepway that was already tested. So he also has the same weaknesses.

  • At 70 percent, occupant protection is not perfect, but it is adequate.
  • But it gets really dark when you look at pedestrian protection (41 percent) and safety equipment (39 percent).

Dacia Jogger: It has the technology of the Sandero Stepway, and that is its problem in case of an accident.  (Source: manufacturer)Dacia Jogger: It has the technology of the Sandero Stepway, and that is its problem in case of an accident. (Source: manufacturer)

“The problems we identified in 2021 are still there, for example there is a much higher risk of injury for children in a frontal impact and for adults in a side impact,” says vehicle safety expert Max Lang of the Austrian traffic club. ÖAMTC. .

But why doesn’t the broker get two stars, but only one?

Runner Point Deduction

The reason is the third row of seats: it turns the jogger into a seven-seater, unlike the Sandero Stepway. However, Dacia has kept seat belt reminders for passengers in the rear. And a reference child seat could not be installed in the test. The so-called bobsled test also showed that passengers in row three were at risk of serious neck injuries in a rear-end collision.

That’s why testers deducted one star from the sister model’s rating. The result: only one star for the Dacia Jogger; it can hardly be worse.

However, Sandero Stepway values ​​apply to the corridor with five seats (ie without a third row of seats). So at least two stars. And it certainly has its strengths: “In terms of safety for adults and children, the five-seater Dacia Jogger is a four-star car,” says ÖAMTC expert Lang. If only there weren’t so many weaknesses.


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