Edeka: THESE products were missing from the shelves, now there is hope

Edeka: THESE products have not been available for a long time, now there is a new hope

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a long time in Edeka A popular product disappeared; now it looks like customers will be able to find it on shelves soon.

We are talking about Granini. Could it be in the dispute between the juice manufacturer Eckes-Granini and Edeka come to an agreement soon?

Edeka: Will the fight with Granini finally end soon? – “Positive Mood”

Lovers of Granini, Hohes C or Die Limo waited in vain for several months for the popular juices to return. When it came to pricing, the supermarket chain and the juice maker didn’t come to a common denominator for a long time. Although Eckes-Granini asked for a price increase, he refused Edeka these off.

But now, suddenly, a deal seems imminent. “We are in constructive talks with Edeka,” says Eckes-Granini CEO Tim Berger. According to “Welt”, Berger announces an early solution to the ongoing conflict; Edeka is also willing to do it. “Therefore, we are sure that we will find an amicable solution relatively soon.”

Edeka: Granini’s return could have a bitter aftertaste for customers

The Eckes-Granini company suffered significant financial losses as a result of the litigation.

Market share in Germany fell two percentage points to 10.8 percent last year. Sales also fell 1.9 percent to 856 million. A return to Edeka’s shelves would be important for the juice maker.


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But according to “Welt”, this not only has positive effects for customers, because a price increase now seems inevitable, also because of the war in Ukraine.

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Berger believes that the sharp rise in the costs of raw materials, energy, packaging and transport would force the company to take this step. Consequently, customers in all countries and across all brands would have to adjust to price increases. (cg)


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