Fact-check video: There is no swastika behind the VW logo

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A video circulates on social networks, according to which the VW logo is a swastika on closer inspection. What is the point of the story? Those are the facts.

Wolfsburg – The VW Group was founded during the Nazi era by three officials from the German Labor Front (DAF) with the support of Adolf Hitler. The managing director was Ferdinand Porsche. Hitler also laid the foundation for the main plant in Wolfsburg and the VW Beetle. Over the years, the group tried to come to terms with their Nazi past, which is also linked to Nazi forced labor. Various historians have tried to make VW’s past transparent. Details can also be found on the VW website. A Nazi past of the group is a fact.

VW Group: Is there a swastika hidden behind the VW logo? A fact check provides clarification

However, for some time now, videos have been circulating on the Internet purporting to show that the VW logo looks like a swastika when it is rotated rapidly. The video is also shared in a context of current conspiracy theories. For example, a Facebook user shared the video and wrote on his Facebook post “Wow, it’s definitely just a coincidence. Everyone is involved.” Therefore, the German Press Agency (dpa) subjected the video to a verification of facts. If you watch the video frame by frame with the program watchframebyframe.com, you can see that the VW logo has been superimposed on a swastika. For a short time, you can see both signs at the same time, as this recording shows.

A video circulates on social networks, according to which the VW logo is a swastika on closer inspection. It’s a fake video. © Sebastian Kahnert / dpa

VW logo with resemblance to the swastika: video turns out to be fake

Other internet users provide more clues that the video is fake: If you google “rotate the VW logo”, several videos appear in which the VW logo is rapidly rotated. In the videos, shown on the YouTube video platform among other places, people wonder what happens when the VW logo is rotated. They show that then no swastika can be seen. Y: You can see the space between the “V” and “W” even when you spin quickly, which disappears in the swastika video.

According to the dpa fact check, a swastika in the VW logo is not correct. In this case, it’s a fake video. However, the VW Group has also caused justified criticism in its recent past with racist advertising clips, as reported by the Munich newspaper Merkur, among others. An award created by the VW plant in Kassel, on the other hand, is all about tolerance and respect. * * merkur.de and hna.de are offered by IPPEN.MEDIA.

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