Grünheide: This is how harmful the paint from the Tesla paint shop is for the environment | Regional

It was a human error: 15,000 liters of car paint were sold out at the Tesla factory in Brandenburg. Some of the paint sludge escaped and spilled out onto the street in front of the factory gate. Company firefighters doused it with binder. How harmful to the environment is paint? Now there is another evaluation.

Grünheide (Brandenburg) – According to authorities, the color mixture that leaked from the paint shop of US electric car maker Tesla in Grünheide near Berlin nearly two weeks ago is slightly water-hazardous.

“A viscous colored mixture that is used in electrocoating has escaped. According to the lower water authority, it is assigned to water risk class 1,” the Brandenburg district of the Oder-Spree said.

The day before the paint accident, drone footage shows a liquid at the entrance to Tesla's paint shop.

The day before the paint accident, drone footage shows a liquid at the entrance to Tesla’s paint shop.

Photo: ÖDP

This class includes, for example, certain alkalis or acids. According to class 2, diesel is dangerous for water. Used oil is highly hazardous to water according to class 3.

► That State Environment Agency He had assured shortly after the incident: “No liquid contaminant from the water escaped into the open.” And: “The paint is not classified as a dangerous substance.”

► The district water authority had already contradicted: “The viscous paint mixture is assigned to water hazard class 1.”

The Tesla Incident

on april 11 According to the Brandenburg State Environment Agency, 15,000 liters of electrocoat treatment bath leaked out at Tesla because a valve was not closed. A disposal company pumped the liquid that had been collected into a vat. The authority classifies this as an operational interruption, not an accident.

12th April consequently, two to three liters ran into the access road during loading. The liquid was absorbed with a binding agent. The district repeated the assessment that the soil and groundwater were not contaminated.

accused of lack of transparency

The Oder-Spree district repeated the assessment that there was no danger to the environment. “It cannot be assumed that the liquid will enter the sewage system and groundwater,” spokesman Mario Behnke said.

During the approval process, the lower water authority worked to ensure that even unlikely accident scenarios could be dealt with safely. “The facilities and measures provided for this have had an effect in this case and prevented the contamination of soil and groundwater.”

► The Berlin-Brandenburg water panel accused the environmental authorities of not fulfilling their responsibility after an exhaustive investigation. An electric car factory and the planned battery factory would have no place in a drinking water protection zone. Part of the site is located in such a protected area.

► The Grünheide citizens’ initiative and the association for nature and landscape in Brandenburg asked Tesla in an open letter to several managers to provide better information. People in the area learned from the newspaper that the chemicals had leaked during the production process and possibly entered the groundwater through the soil, he says. The “Märkische Oderzeitung” reported on this on Friday.

► The Strausberg-Erkner Water Association (WSE), which also supplies Tesla, had previously accused environmental authorities of a lack of transparency. The WSE considers the liquid leak to be an accident. According to the district, you want to contact the association. There was no need for the WSE to intervene because no protected assets were at risk.

Tesla has not yet commented on the incident. On March 22, the factory of the American manufacturer of electric cars was inaugurated.

View of the factory in Grünheide

View of the factory in Grünheide

Photo: Paul Langrock/laif


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