Incredible transformation! This Woman Weighed 250 Pounds, She Lost Over 100 Pounds, And HERE’S How She Did It

Lose 40 pounds? This works! Rosie Hill from England used to weigh over 100 kilos, but then she lost over 40 kilos with an operation. imago/McFoto

The first quarter of the year is over, it’s April, and that begs a question: What are YOUR resolutions doing? At the beginning of the year, many people set out to lose a few kilos. But after the first pounds fell off during the diet, everyday life quickly returned to many. Rosie Hill was luckier with slimming down: the Englishwoman was once addicted to fast food, then she dared to take a radical step.

Lose 40 kilos – Rosie Hill from England did it

“When I went to McDonald’s, I didn’t just eat a Big Mac there,” the British woman said, according to a report by “tag24.” “I had a big Big Mac meal, two double cheeseburgers, six chicken nuggets, and a few hours later I was hungry again.”

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So, the Briton kept gaining weight until she finally weighed in at 104 kilos. The weight not only became a health hazard, but also took a toll on the woman mentally. “It got to the point where I didn’t want to go out and hang out with friends because I was worried people would see how much weight I’d gained.”

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Shortly before his birthday he wanted to change something. She traveled to Turkey, lay on the operating table there, paid 3,200 euros for a gastric sleeve operation! The goal of the operation is to reduce the volume of the stomach: patients can only eat smaller portions and, as a result, lose weight.

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Rosie has now lost over 40 kilos, and she is thrilled with it! “I feel great,” she says, according to “tag24.” “Now when I look at pictures from before, I can hardly believe how I got so fat.” On Instagram, she now allows others to participate in her life and she wants to motivate people who feel the same with her story. By the way: In the meantime, she’s also back at McDonald’s, but after three chicken nuggets and some fries, it’s all over.

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