Is sunflower oil becoming a luxury item? 550 percent observed markup

Since mid-February they are in Edeka branches signs in oil rack to find that indicate there are only two bottles left sunflower oil can be purchased per person. The hamster purchases meant that warehouses, which are normally still well stocked, emptied too quickly, Bamberg Edeka operator Werner Massak explained. on March 18, 2022.

According to Edeka, Ukraine Germany’s largest exporter of sunflower oil. As a result of the war in Ukraine, not only imports but also planting came to a standstill. Several grocery stores raised the Prices for sunflower oil in recent days, sometimes drastically.

Almost 16 euros for a liter of sunflower oil: price increases may lead to olive oil levels

Focus talks about a price premium of 550 percent Aldi compared to January 2022. A few days ago, a 1-liter bottle of a brand cost 4.99 euros there, as confirmed by other media. €3.20 more than Aldi’s current price for the Bellasan brand. in a Munich branch Rewe A 750-litre bottle of Thomy’s “Pure Sunflower Oil” costs €3.79, or €5.05 per litre, according to Focus.

At Seitenbacher, customers have to reach deeper into their pockets. 250 milliliters of organic sunflower oil currently cost 3.99 euros. These become 15.96 euros per liter.

As Focus reports, hamster buyers at an Aldi branch reportedly walked away with an entire box and for 15 bottles €74.85 paid out. Industry experts even calculated with prices olive oil level. The average price per liter is currently 6.50 euros. Focus announces that the situation could calm down again in a few months, but until then I will let you know delivery bottlenecks Y delays count on

The success of the harvest in Ukraine remains uncertain: the EU wants to react

Like the operator Edeka declared would be important ports attacked in Ukraine, in addition diesel scarce and expensive for farmers. All this leads to a tense situation. As the Union for the Promotion of Oil Plants and Proteins eV (Ufop) announced in early April, there will be a significant decrease in sunflower area expected in the 2022/23 season. “According to the latest information from International Grains Council (IGC) the global area of ​​sunflowers will decrease by 7.2% in 2022/23. In particular, the cultivated areas in Ukraine are likely to decrease significantly as a result of the war,” he said.

According to Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft, the area planted with sunflowers in Ukraine will be only 4.5 million hectares. 32.4 percent less that are still in the current growing season, explains Ufop. However, the fighting made it impossible to predict which areas could actually be cared for, fertilized and harvested.

According german press agency I want the EU therefore, take countermeasures. The cultivated area here has increased by five percent to 4.7 million hectares. remain the largest sunflower producer in the world Russia with 9.6 million hectares under cultivation. Meanwhile, Werner Massak from Bamberg urges calm: The situation is not dramatic. In Germany no one will go hungry and there is enough alternative products.

More about the subject: We will keep you informed in a ticker to the events of ukrainian war Up to date.

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