Kaufland: Deposit Refund: How many bottles are allowed at one time?

Whether they are bottles or cans, when they are empty, they must be returned. But many do not know what the rules are like in the deposit machine.

Dortmund – Who doesn’t know? You only want to return two or three returnable bottles because you’re on your way to the store anyway: someone with a cart full of empty containers lines up in front of you and calmly fills the machine with material. Is that even allowed?

Deposit in Kaufland, Lidl or Edeka: Is acceptance restricted?

Or maybe you’re someone who only withdraws your deposit every few months and then isn’t sure how many bottles and cans such a machine can hold at once, and whether it’s allowed to deliver a large number of empty ones?

Returning deposits can be frustrating and nerve-wracking either way. Some supermarkets also get involved and limit acceptance to 20 bottles, but are they allowed to do that? And what does the Neckarsulm supermarket giant Kaufland* have to say about it?

Kaufland: return the deposit, are there restrictions in supermarkets?

basically strong Nevada: Supermarkets and discount stores* can set their own rules, at least as long as they don’t break the law. Therefore, the stores can also decide how they want to recover the returnable bottles. A vending machine is not absolutely necessary. Employees can also be hired for this.

But there is one thing markets cannot do, and that is fundamentally refuse to accept gaps, as echo24.de* reports. However, there are subtleties that not all customers are aware of.

For example, supermarkets have to remove non-returnable PET bottles as soon as they sell bottles made from the same material, regardless of brand. In the case of reusable bottles, on the other hand, the customer is only entitled to a return and bottle deposit* there if they were also purchased there previously.

Return the deposit: this is the Kaufland concept

But what about the number of voids? First of all, it’s annoying but not impossible to return the bottles and cans to the machines that are limited to 20 bottles, then you end up with multiple deposit slips. However, there are also supermarkets that simply say: We do not limit the delivery of empty.

Supermarkets like Kaufland may restrict deposits.

© Biky/Imago

At the request of echo24.de A Kaufland spokeswoman explained: “We want to make shopping as easy and convenient as possible for our customers. This also means that you can quickly and easily return deposits of any type and quantity on our vacuum packaging machines, with the exception of non-returnable glass bottles, which we do not have in our range.”

Kaufland also says about the deposit rule*: “If there are technical problems with the return, our customers can simply contact the customer information. Colleagues will be happy to help you further.”

So if a vending machine is full or blocked, you have every right to ask for help. On the other hand, there is a certain thing that many Kaufland customers do, although it is prohibited *and there are also parking rules of Lidl, Aldi and Co., non-compliance with which can result in high fines*. *echo24.de is, like RUHR24, part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network

List of rubrics: © Jan Huebner/Taeger/Imago

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