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For about a year, prices at Tesla have changed direction. First in the US they began to rise after several cuts since last March, while Europe was initially saved. In October, however, the time had come here, too, and starting with the smaller Model 3, Tesla increased its prices, in some cases significantly higher and higher, in Germany by March 2022 a total of five times. The next increase followed on Thursday. The price given for the smaller Model 3 increases by another 7,000 euros, and it no longer gets the maximum German subsidy for electric cars for any of its variants.

Less financing for all Model 3

Tesla may have deliberately waited until the afternoon of April 1 for the last adjustment in Germany, because it is out of the ordinary: From its lowest level of 39,900 euros in January 2021, the Model 3 in the basic version rose from price. At the end of the year it rose again in two stages to 42,900 euros. However, in the next rounds for the higher variants, Tesla left him out. The reason for this may have been that a net starting price below €40,000 meant that buyers of the higher variants also received the full €6,000 German electric car subsidy from the state.

But this reluctance ended on the afternoon of April 1. By early March, Tesla in France had already increased the price of the tiny Model 3 to the subsidy limit and then above. And in Germany, according to the configurator, the basic Tesla now costs 7,000 euros more in one fell swoop. The new price is 49,900 euros on the web. In the case of the Model 3 Long Range and Performance, which were last raised by another €2,000 and €3,000 respectively in mid-March, they initially did not go up again.

But buyers in Germany now have to pay even more for it. Because Tesla sells all Model 3s as the base version plus paid extras, the promotion is based on the entry-level price. According to previous information, it was 39,126 euros net (the manufacturer’s share of the German electric car bonus has already been discounted from the configurator prices). With the increase, that has been far exceeded, and that means: For each version of the Tesla Model 3, there is no longer the maximum payment of 6,000 euros from the State, but only 5,000 euros, as is the case with the Model Y.

Tesla delivery times remain long

After Germany’s smallest Model 3 was largely spared for a long time and full subsidy was maintained for the largest, now this too has changed. Profitable business for German customers selling their Tesla abroad after the six-month environmental bonus holding period is likely to have become even more difficult: Some almost turned it into a second job, and Tesla took action by canceling multiple orders. Higher prices should be an even more effective and, at the same time, more lucrative means. However, stated delivery times for the Model 3 initially remained as long as they have been since mid-March: the smaller, no-frills version (see photo above) shouldn’t be available until May 2023.

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