Letters to the Editor: Food, Gas, and Electricity Price Impacts: How Badly Is Inflation Hitting You?

Shopping, refueling, heating: inflation can be felt in many areas.

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A glance at the receipt immediately reveals it: Groceries have clearly gotten more expensive. And prices are going to go up even more. Starting Monday, Aldi announced a significant increase in the price of meat, cold cuts and butter. Inflation in Germany is at its highest level in 40 years and many are worried about the future.

counties – “We will become poorer,” according to the sobering conclusion of Economy Minister Robert Habeck (Greens) in the ZDF-heute-Journal. This is not new news for many: heating and energy costs have already increased last year and have continued to rise this year, gasoline and diesel have become more and more expensive and now it shows when you buy groceries each week: the Groceries are also becoming more expensive, and some even cooked ones are no longer available.

Aldi raises prices again

Starting Monday (April 4) the Aldi discount store will raise prices again. Meat, sausages and butter would then be “significantly more expensive,” said Aldi-Nord communications chief Florian Scholbeck of the dpa. The reason for this is the higher prices Aldi has to pay its suppliers. “Since the start of the Ukraine war, there have been jumps in purchase prices that we have never seen before.” This is partly due to the fact that animal feed, fertilizers and energy have become more expensive.. This in turn would have been felt by ranchers in their livestock and in the meat industry. But not only Aldi feels compelled to raise prices. Due to the situation in the world markets, “the increase in sales prices throughout the industry […] don’t always avoid it,” Edeka said last week, for example. According to a recently published survey by the Ifo Institute, almost all German food retailers are planning price increases.

Highest inflation since 1981

Life in Germany became significantly more expensive again in March. Consumer prices were 7.3 percent above the level of the same month last year, as the Federal Statistical Office calculated on the basis of initial data. This is the highest inflation rate in reunified Germany. The last time the old federal states had such a high value was in November 1981. The reason for this is energy prices: they are driving up inflation both in Germany and in the euro area, and the war in Ukraine has exacerbated the trend.

“Inflation figures for the coming months will require very strong nerves”, predicted Friedrich Heinemann of the ZEW – Leibniz Center for European Economic Research. “The message must be: the war in Ukraine is impoverishing us all and the loss of purchasing power is economically unavoidable.”

These foods are particularly expensive

In addition to milk, butter and meat products and sausages are also Vegetables like cucumbers or tomatoes affected by inflation – consumers have to rummage through their pockets almost 30% more. This is due to bad harvests in Spain. Also the prices of rapeseed and sunflower oil have increased rapidly, and more delivery bottlenecks are currently expected in this area.

How much more expensive has my life really become?

If you don’t just want to trust your feelings, but really want to calculate how much more groceries, rent, car, and leisure time are now costing, you can do so with the personal inflation calculator from the Federal Statistical Office.

Your opinion is needed:

Whether shopping, at the pump, heating, but also in your free time: eating out, traveling, everything is becoming more and more expensive. Many feel that they can no longer afford to live despite having a full-time job. According to a survey conducted by the Kantar Institute on behalf of the German Federation of Consumer Organizations (vzbv), three out of four respondents fear that the energy price crisis will put financial pressure on them in the future. How do you assess the situation? How much inflation do you feel in your professional and private life? Tell us about your personal situation and send a letter to the editor at leserbrief[email protected] (Password: “Inflation” in the subject). In addition to the text, we also absolutely need Names and Place of residence and preferably a photo. The editors then publish the letters to the editor along with their names and places of residence in a corresponding article.

Publisher’s note: The editors reserve the right to shorten letters accordingly or refuse publication without giving reasons.


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