Lidl discount store: cash registers come without a cashier

Lidl customers will soon be able to scan and pay for their purchases themselves at self-checkouts in many German branches. According to a media report, the launch is imminent.

Anyone who has always dreamed of scanning their purchases at the checkout will soon have their wish fulfilled in many German Lidl branches. According to a report by the specialized media “The Retail Optimiser”, the food discounter will now also introduce a large number of self-checkout terminals in Germany.

These checkout systems are designed so that customers can scan and pay for their products on the spot, without the need for additional checkout staff. In Germany, customers are likely familiar with this from having shopped at the Ikea furniture store chain, where self-service checkouts have been in use for years in addition to classic checkouts.

Specifically, customers first place their purchase in the area to the left of the scanner. The merchandise is then deposited piece by piece to the right of the scanner, where a checkweigher is installed. It would hardly make sense to scan a full shopping cart in this way. The offer is probably aimed primarily at customers who just want to buy a few parts and don’t want to stand in line at the regular checkout.

Classic cash registers are preserved

Because the self-checkout systems will not replace the classic checkouts with treadmills, but will complement them. However, the discount store should be able to save the cashiers, especially during off-peak hours. Lidl already uses comparable systems in Great Britain and Switzerland. For Germany, however, the company has decided on a different software manufacturer than the markets there.

The system can already be tested today in a store in Bietigheim-Bissingen, writes “The Retail Optimiser”. There is also a barrier behind the self-service checkouts that only opens after you have scanned a code on the payment receipt.

According to the specialized portal, there is already a solution for full shopping carts: scan the merchandise directly with the smartphone. This would likely become part of the Lidl Plus app. Customers would then also pay at self-service checkout terminals.

By the way: if you’re worried that you can only pay for your self-scan purchase with an app or card, don’t worry. The terminals also accept cash as a means of payment.


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