Lidl: Sunflower oil is in short supply! Branch with THIS measurement

Lidl: Sunflower oil is in short supply! Therefore, the branch takes drastic measures

Aldi vs. Lidl: the ultimate comparison

Aldi vs. Lidl: the ultimate comparison

Numbers, data, facts: Where is it cheaper? who is bigger? Which discount store is being criticized?

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Empty shelves in German supermarkets, including discount stores like Lidl They are affected.

Sunflower oil is and will continue to be scarce. Some markets resort to drastic measures to prevent customers from buying new products directly. Our partner portal “MOIN.DE” informs about one Lidl-branch and its attempt to act against hoarding.

Lidl: Hamster shopping with the whole family

Cooking oil prices are going up and up, no end in sight. There is apparently no reason for customers to refrain from making a purchase. Since sunflower oil has only been available in small quantities in many markets for a long time, Lidl, Aldi and Edeka have already introduced a maximum sales quantity.

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Namely Lidl:

  • The first Lidl branches opened in Ludwigshafen in the 1970s
  • In 1999, Lidl was the first discount store to introduce scanner cash registers.
  • Lidl has branches in almost all European countries
  • Even in the US there are about 100 branches
  • More than 190,000 employees worldwide, more than 70,000 in Germany (as of 2020)

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Depending on the market, customers are sometimes only allowed to buy two bottles of oil. To avoid rationing, customers at a Lidl branch in Norderstedt went shopping directly with the whole family. As our partner portal “MOIN.DE” reports, in several cases children were even encouraged to buy hamsters.

Lidl sells sunflower oil from the age of 18

The Lidl branch on Ulzburger Strasse did not want to tolerate this and quickly imposed a ban on the sale of sunflower oil to those under 18 years of age.

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More from MOIN:

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The new rule quickly made its rounds on the Internet. You can find out what the Lidl group had to say about the unusual rule of the branch in Norderstedt on our partner portal “MOIN.DE”.


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