Lidl wants to lower prices: that’s what the discount store plans

Lidl is planning a drastic step to lower prices, so the discounter wants to become a customer favorite.

Lidl: The Discount Store Success Story

Lidl: The Discount Store Success Story

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Disrupted supply chains and higher transportation costs have caused prices in supermarkets to rise in recent months, including at discounters like Lidl they were affected.

Products on German markets often have a long way to go: They arrive from Asia to Europe on container ships. To be more independent from the world market, Lidl big plans

Lidl with an unusual project – that’s what the discount store plans

There have been problems in shipping for more than two years, reports the “Welt”. The reasons for this include the corona pandemic and now also the war in Ukraine. Ports are overloaded and hardly any ships continue to sail according to schedule, even the cost of shipping a container from Asia has increased tremendously recently.


Namely Lidl:

  • The first Lidl branches opened in Ludwigshafen in the 1970s
  • In 1999, Lidl was the first discount store to introduce scanner cash registers.
  • Lidl has branches in almost all European countries
  • Even in the US there are about 100 branches
  • More than 190,000 employees worldwide, more than 70,000 in Germany (as of 2020)


If supermarkets have to spend more money to receive their products, this also affects the prices of products for customers. Discount store Lidl now wants to counter this: The company plans to buy its own ships so it can organize and handle shipping itself, according to Welt.

Lidl wants its own fleet of ships, it should “Tailwind Shipping Lines” to mean

Buying your own cargo ships is quite unusual for a company like Lidl. The company did not comment on an exact timetable, but the plans appear concrete. According to the “Lebensmittel Zeitung”, the fleet already has a name: “Tailwind Shipping Lines”.


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Lidl’s fleet of ships should be another building block to secure supply chains and the availability of goods in branches, reports the “Welt”. Companies like Walmart or Ikea already rent their own boats for their cargo. However, if Lidl did buy its own boats, that would be a step that would put the discounter far ahead of the competition. (jdo)


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