Mercedes EQE 350+: the true E-Class

With the new EQE, Mercedes is now electrifying the business class as well. In the driving report we clarify whether the 215 kW EQE 350+ is now a real new Mercedes E-Class.

Actually, switching to an electric car is like moving from home to a big foreign city. You add to all the good reasons for this with inexperienced enthusiasm. You will surely regret your decision, your courage, for example if you have to search for your way home (which would correspond to a night search for a charging station). But once you know the way, the nostalgia is over. And what you left behind seems more outdated with every step you take.

This is what a Mercedes E 300 looks like right now, just because of the perfection it finds its way to, suddenly so, sorry, extremely old. Because now the EQE takes the stage, silent, emission-free and, thanks to four-wheel steering with up to ten degrees of rear steering angle, surprisingly nimble at first. It is the second of four initial models to be built on the new electric base. So it rolls, like two later SUVs, on the same skateboard base as the EQS, but with a shorter wheelbase and thus also in battery capacity. Because here only ten instead of twelve modules of the lithium-ion battery fit between the axles, which brings it to 90.56 kWh (point five-six, they like it exactly in Mercedes). According to WLTP, this should be enough for a range of 462 to 654 km. Since the battery can be charged from 10 to 80 percent in 32 minutes with a maximum of 170 kW of direct current, you have to be a permanent long-distance driver with enormous time pressure not to be able to accept it. Otherwise, the EQE can also be charged back into a 22kW wallbox, where it then draws power in three phases. And while we’re on the subject of charging: Mercedes now offers a new charging rate for trips with fixed prices per kilowatt hour, regardless of which provider you’re currently charging with, but there’s a basic monthly rate.

mercedes eqe

Mercedes-Benz AG

With 170 kW of direct current, the charge level increases from ten to 80 percent in 32 minutes.

Drive with power, don’t skimp on splendor

To begin with, the EQE is electrified in two versions: as 350+ with 215 kW/565 Nm permanent magnet synchronous motor at the rear or as 43 4Matic with synchronous machine also at the front with a total of 350 kW/ 858 m. The system checks the distribution of torque to the wheels 10,000 times a minute and always regulates the distribution of power between the two motors so that the car always drives most efficiently with the best traction. But since the forward is also a synchronous motor, it cannot be simply turned off like an asynchronous motor. Then it would run against the rear engine. That’s why the front motor is always powered. And of course that’s why the 4Matic’s power consumption is higher than the pure rear-wheel drive 350+, which is supposed to be able to go 65-75 miles more on a full charge with the same battery size. .

We also carry this basic version, which is a modest and misleading name for a model in whose price range the €70,626 is just the bottom edge. And with whom things move forward with such confidence. Also, due to the excellent insulation of the unit, it is so quiet that the quiet whistle of the wind can even be heard in your ears. For all the brilliance of the aerodynamics, this cannot be completely avoided, despite the recessed door handles, a large distance between the rear view mirror and the laminated glass side window, the covered underbody, the spoiler and the two “banana” air guide elements. on the side of the windshield. All of this reduces the drag coefficient to 0.22 and extends the range.

On the first trip, without much hesitation in matters of haste, he reaches a distance of 500 kilometers. And you can savor it in all its breadth and splendor. Inside, the EQE is furnished almost as lavishly as the EQS with marginally less expansive opulence. Everything is there, the full program, from massage seats to infotainment. This can be spread across the cabin on the 141cm wide hyper-display, but it costs 8,568 euros and hardly adds anything significant to the already immense range of functions. So Mercedes is very proud of the 650 degree Celsius bent glass screen, which covers the three individual monitors: the instrument display in front of the driver, the large central area and the display on the passenger side. Movies can also be played there. Yes, that’s allowed here, because the interior camera recognizes if the driver is also watching TV from his side and then has his field of vision blank.

mercedes eqe

Mercedes-Benz AG

The 1.41m wide hyper display is only available on the EQE 43. Still, there’s plenty of screen size/quantity.

On the way to maximum efficiency

However, the other infotainment features are likely to be of greater importance. In this way, the navigation system can determine the smartest and most efficient routes along with the best and cheapest charging stops. In addition to the length, it also takes into account the topography (for the expected energy needed to climb mountains and that which is fed back when going down for recovery) and the current temperature on the route. Because less power is required for battery temperature control, more power is available for propulsion.

The unit also has the most advanced intelligence, which in Smart Recovery mode automatically switches from free spin to severe deceleration. Yes, the EQE brakes only gently to a stop, even in normal traffic. The EQE is also making great progress. Move the air suspension (2083 euros) on sharp bumps, jump cautiously even in sport mode. With rear-wheel steering, it combines sensational maneuverability with supreme driving safety and even slightly unruly handling: a determined step on the accelerator pedal at the apex and the rear end is already pushing forward. So now it’s not really wild, but just in such a way that you can imagine your countersteer catching it again. Electronics has already taken care of that even before you have the idea of ​​making synapses.

mercedes eqe

Mercedes-Benz AG

It makes even a current E-Class look old to some extent: Mercedes’ new EQE.

boring sound

Well how does that sound? Perhaps not cultivated enough for friends of musical harmony? Well then let’s take a quick look at the standard car sound variations for them. The compositions are titled “Vivid Flux” and “Silver Waves” and were created through an interdisciplinary collaboration between physicists, sound designers, media designers, and mechatronics engineers with particular regard to musical harmony theory.

Which, of course, fits in a car with which Mercedes is not only part of the music, but could even set the beat. Or so: the new EQE is not simply a foreign city for anyone who is moving and learning to drive. He opens a new world.

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At the rate at which Mercedes is electrifying and perfecting new models, not even fans of combustion engines can keep up with the arguments against electric vehicles. The EQE is so fast, comfortable, smart, efficient and has a long range that even an E-Class almost seems from a bygone era.


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