Mercedes EQS SUV: electric SUV for demanding customers

Regardless of a tight budget, some compromises can be avoided that are unavoidable when the target group is the masses. Cars like the Porsche Taycan (test), the Tesla Model S or the Mercedes EQS (test) show this quite clearly in some areas. Here you can expect a large battery and fast charging speed, with prices starting at 100,000 euros and upwards you can expect a very demanding clientele. Mercedes is targeting precisely these buyers with its latest electric car. You get a huge e-SUV that is supposed to set standards.

Technically, there are no big surprises. Mercedes uses the platform that is already used in the EQS sedan. The battery has a usable 107.8 kWh in all versions and can ideally be charged with up to 200 kW. Optionally, the load can be carried out in alternating current with up to 22 kW, with a maximum of 11 kW as standard. Depending on the unit, the range should be between 500 and 660 km. Initially, three units are planned for the start of sales in the fall:


Power in kW

Torque in Nm






450 4matic



Traction on the four wheels

580 4matic



Traction on the four wheels

It won’t stay that way, because up to 484 kW is available in the sedan in the form of the EQS 53 4Matic+. In view of the fact that some of the competition from the Far East is now racing in four-digit power values, one can, or should, hope that Mercedes will also move into the 700 plus X kW range. Audi, Porsche and BMW will follow this direction. Not because it was relevant because of the mileage that can be achieved, but because there are solvent customers who are willing to pay and who consider it important.

He likes the luxury of this class of vehicle in sedan form, but increasingly prefers it as an SUV. The dimensions of the EQS SUV are huge by European standards, but in the USA, where the giant is also built, other dimensions are used in this regard. 5.13 meters in length there is in the best of the upper middle class cases. Mercedes uses the space available with a 3.21 meter wheelbase for a third row of seats, which is not only suitable for children, a major selling point in the US The second row electrically advances up to 30 cm for facilitate access. Depending on the configuration of the seats, the trunk has between 565 and 2020 liters.

The EQS as an SUV is just the beginning of a series of stylish electric SUVs from Mercedes. Slightly less powerful models follow.

Despite the luxurious dimensions and a curb weight of more than 2.5 tons, the SUV should be easy to drive, promises Mercedes. Among other things, the rear axle steering should contribute to this impression, which reduces the turning radius to almost eleven meters when turning up to ten degrees. Of course, the comparatively low center of gravity thanks to the batteries also helps here. Customers can still expect a large and heavy vehicle, which should leave no doubt about this fact when driving.

The EQS SUV, which surprisingly wasn’t christened the GQS, is just the beginning of a series of e-SUVs that Mercedes will introduce in the coming years. For customers who find an EQS SUV too ordinary, Mercedes is preparing a corresponding Maybach. You can also count on an SUV branch of the Mercedes EQE and a battery electric GLC. This would mean that Mercedes, including EQA and EQB, would have a total of five e-SUVs on the market that appeal to different groups of buyers.


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