Netto reacts to Ferrero’s withdrawal! Blows against chocolate manufacturers

Netto reacts to Ferrero’s withdrawal! Nasty digging at the chocolate makers

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After the Ferrero chocolate scandal, the power net Advertising your own products.

However, with the publication on Facebook net hit the mark, at the expense of Kinderschokolade.

Red with chocolate beating Ferrero

Easter is coming, so chocolate surprises are a must! However, after the Ferrero chocolate scandal, you are thinking twice about which chocolate bunny to buy.

The Netto discount store takes this opportunity to advertise with dark chocolate humour.

————————————————– —–

this is net:

  • Founded in 1928, based in Maxhütte-Haidhof (Bavaria)
  • third largest discount store in Germany after Aldi and Lidl
  • almost 4,300 branches, 75,000 employees
  • Sales around 13,300 million euros

————————————————– —–

++++ Net: remember! Danger due to glass breakage in food ++++

Netto announces chocolate “without unpleasant surprises”

“Simply sweet and delicious. Nothing more,” the discounter writes on its Facebook page. The little dig at Ferrero is already announced in the second sentence. But Netto fares better.

“No nasty surprises kids!” the discount store writes in a bright yellow post featuring its chocolate products.

Ferrero had recently attracted negative attention because salmonella was found in the products.

But how does digging affect customers?

————————————————– —–

Plus net-Subjects:

Net: Employees are shocked when a girl wants to go to the store with IT, then it turns disgusting

Net: Skin requirement expired – This is what the rules look like now

Netto, Rewe & Co.: Remember! Plastic particles found in food

————————————————– —–

Net: divided opinion on the net

However, the first comment is anything but positive and is limited to one fruit product. “Well I had mine last night. I bought strawberries from Netto on Friday. I wanted to make a strawberry base last night for today… Great fruit. All the bowls got moldy in one day even though I kept them in the fridge and now I know why my stomach hurt. From the first bowl on the same day. Then you’re probably no better than Ferrero… So almost five euros went to waste for nothing!”, complains the customer.

But Netto is quick to get in touch to help, writing: “We are sorry that the strawberries were no longer edible so quickly. Of course, our colleagues on site regularly check the range and sort through the fruit and vegetables that have gone bad. Too bad that didn’t work for you. We’ll be happy to resend your request.”

++++ Penny, Lidl and Co. recall popular product! Poison found in walnuts ++++

But there is also good news for Netto: the joke is well received by customers. “It was really good!” comments a user with enthusiasm. (everything)


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