New decor: Condor puts colorful striped sweaters on planes

The German holiday airline presents a new brand image and dares to make a splash. In the future, Condor planes will come with colored stripes.

In 2018, Lufthansa introduced a new livery for its aircraft. Got rid of the yellow from the jets and went for a darker blue. Some four years later, another German airline is now introducing a new design: Condor. But the Christmas airline does not stop at small changes in colors and fonts, but dares to make big changes.

In the future, Condor aircraft will have stripes in five colours: yellow, red, blue, green and beige. They must defend diversity and independence. “Inspired by umbrellas, bath towels and beach loungers, Condor is becoming an unmistakable and unique vacation airline,” the airline said in a statement on Monday (April 4).

new motto

“Condor is vacation and Condor is unmistakable, like our new design, with which we are now starting into the future,” says airline boss Ralf Teckentrup. “Our new brand is the stripes, our figurative brand represents our origin and the colors diversity”.

The airline’s new motto is: “Passion is our compass.” The key colors of the brand image are yellow and blue, complemented by the contrasting color grey. . The Condor logo, the condor in a circle, now has finer lines and should look more dynamic. The logo is in black and smaller than before on the aircraft’s tailplane.

«Particular visual independence»

Condor’s letters have also been adjusted, the name is now written in lowercase. “It is now more compact and the new lowercase letters mean that the wordmark has been developed more independently and coherently with the image,” explains the leisure airline.

The new brand image was created under the direction of Remo Masala, owner of the Vision Alphabet agency in Berlin. “Our goal was to give Condor a special visual independence, the foundation of which is united in the core of the brand: the invention of the vacation flight and the effective vacation code, the stripes of summer, joy and freedom,” says the Masala designer. .

The first plane takes off on Tuesday

On crew uniforms, accessories such as scarves, ties and pins will sport the new design. The new design is making its way on board, in airports, on the website and on social media. In the coming weeks and months, many items will be exchanged on board, such as cups, blankets and cutlery, as well as all material on the ground, such as boarding passes, identification cards and airport signage. The exchange is running gradually, everything in the old design is used, not thrown away.

Around 80 percent of the Condor fleet would need to be repainted by 2024, as repainting will be required anyway. The new design will be presented in Toulouse with the first Airbus A330 Neo, which will take off for Condor from autumn. The first aircraft with the new look will be en route from Tuesday: The Airbus A321 with registration D-AIAD has yellow stripes and, as announced by Condor, will fly to Lanzarote on April 5.

Five more planes in the coming weeks

In the coming weeks, five more Boeing 757 and Airbus A320/A321 aircraft will be repainted, so six aircraft with the new design will be on the road in the summer flight schedule. These aircraft fly for Condor mainly to Mallorca, Greece, the Canary Islands and Egypt.

In the image gallery above you can see the new Condor livery and for comparison the current and previous liveries.

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