Pettstadt: The first 24-hour Rewe in Franconia cannot open on Sundays

  • Rewe proves innovation in the market: the first from germany “close-up box” in Pettstadt (Bamberg district) Opened
  • innovation target local supply in rural areas make sure the mayor sees “important puzzle piece”
  • “Walk In Store” has around 700 items in the range – “Josefs nahkauf BOX” has Open 24 hours
  • spin around Closing time: District office applies operatorSunday opening not allowed

Rewe has one in Upper Franconia new store concept started: under the name “Josef’s Nahkauf BOX” is testing the supermarket chain in Pettstadt (Bamberg district). completely new format. The place in its place innovation should in the future in the community of 2000 inhabitants watch out with fresh food and everyday products to ensure. The special feature: the small supermarket unstaffed operated. But a few days after the opening, there is already a first setback for the operators: According to a legal provision, the The supermarket is closed on Sundays and holidays.

Update April 4, 2022: The first 24-hour “closing shop” in Franconia cannot open on Sundays and public holidays

Disappointment for customers: the newly opened 24-hour supermarket “Josefs nahkauf Box” in Pettstadt (Bamberg district) may in Sundays and holidays but don’t open it. “We got one last Thursday Request to the government of Upper Franconia after we received the information that a 7-day mini supermarket had been opened in Pettstadt,” explains a spokesperson for the Bamberg district office at

Whether in the opening, in the too District Administrator Johann Kalb (CSU) present had been, the concept of 7 days was presented in this way, the spokesman could not say, it is said backwards On Friday, the district office received the response from the Upper Franconian government. In July 2021, the Bavarian cabinet decided that “digital mini-supermarkets without sales staff and with a pure sales area of ​​up to 100 square meters “every working day in the future”, that is 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday opened”.

“TO Sale on Sundays or holidays is due to the provisions of the law of protection of Sundays and holidays not allowed“It says in a statement from the Ministry of Labor. You have the Mini supermarket operator following the answer”refers to legal regulations“, according to the spokesman for the district office. Rewe herself had announced on March 27, 2022 that in Pettstadt “the customer can buy seven days a day, 24 hours a day.” bavaria has with the sarre Stricter store closing rights across the country, despite relaxation in July 2021. As reported by the digital magazine “Invidis”, the ban on opening on Sundays has so far also been applied to other mini-store operators such as Edeka and tegut to test the concept in Bavaria.

First report of March 30, 2022, 17:37: Rewe is testing the innovation in Pettstadt: “Nahkauf-Box” aims to close local supply gaps in the country

In which test concept According to the supermarket giant, Ohmstraße 15 is a so-called “walk in the store”: In a Sales area of ​​about 39 square meters customers can therefore 24 hours a day, seven days a week shopping. The range includes around 700 items – “From apples to toothbrushes” you will find everything you need every day, announces Rewe. Will be paid no cash in a call “Self check” – either with EC or credit card. Each item must be previously independently scanned Will. After the payment process, you can exit the market again.

With the EC or credit card is the 24/7 access to the store possible. Inside the store, customers can move freely and assemble their purchases with peace of mind. The assortment ranges from fresh fruits and vegetables, dairy and frozen products above Dry assortment, non-alcoholic beverages until toothbrush and the cigarette machines. According to the company, this is a key part of the range. Rewe own brands, organic products and products from regional and local suppliers. “Alcoholic beverages and spirits are missing from the range,” says Rewe.

“The operation of the store with the supply of goods, maintenance and care is conceptually ensured by a local retailer through its own regular store,” explains Rewe in a press release. In Pettstadt it is therefore the Local merchants Josef Sier and Thomas Scheuringwho jointly run a local shopping market in Walsdorf.

The mayor sees an “important piece of the puzzle” in Rewe’s new shopping concept

At Municipality of Pettstadt meanwhile, the “Nahkauf-Box” received great approval. “The local offer is an important pillar for the attractiveness of a municipality”says the first mayor of Pettstadt, Jochen Hack. Come with the new shopping concept “an important piece of the puzzle as part of our future development” to Pettstadt. “I am pleased that all citizens can now provide their basic services directly on site and around the clock,” Hack explained.

with his market novelty Rewe sees an approach, any Local supply gaps in the country to be able to close. “With this trial, we would like to contribute to finding answers to the question of future-oriented local supply in remote locations in rural areas and village settlement areas,” explains Rewe Division Manager Peter Maly. Only in Germany is there around 8000 marginal settlement areas, where people would have to travel very long distances to buy groceries every day. The local purchase format is perfect for these municipalities. The concept ensures local supply there, where other retired competitors Dyed.

He too Local Franconian merchant Josef Sier is convinced of the concept. “As the operator of five Nahkauf markets, I have always been concerned with creating grocery shopping opportunities for residents of places and regions where there is not and will not be local supply,” reports Sier. in the new 24 hour market you can get everything you need for your daily needs in a small area, right on the site.

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