Postbank, Sparkasse, ING: many bank customers are threatened with dismissal – thousands affected

Customers of banks like Sparkasse, ING or Postbank could soon see their accounts cancelled. At least if they disagree with a certain thing.

Hamm: If you have a lot of money in your bank account, you may soon be asked to pay. Because now many credit institutions charge negative interest from a certain level of assets. Anyone who disagrees with the whole thing could be threatened with dismissal. In fact, this could even happen to almost all long-term bank customers, reports*.

Financial group savings bank
customers about 50 million
Number of credit institutions 376

Sparkasse, Postbank, ING: many bank clients are threatened with dismissal

According Handelsblatt more and more banks, such as ING, Postbank or Sparkasse, demand negative interest rates*. Many banks charge so-called custody fees as soon as the client has assets of more than 50,000 euros in his account.

In some institutes, however, people with low and middle incomes are already affected: here the custody fee is sometimes even charged from an amount of 5000 euros on the account. What daily News informed, more and more banks are taking it seriously.

Last year, for example, Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf fired customers who did not want to accept negative interest rates. Now other institutes are following suit.

Bank customers are threatened with account cancellation: four-digit number of customers affected

For example, Postbank terminated the business relationship with several clients who had more than EUR 50,000 in their accounts and refused to accept the custody fee. According to a Deutsche Bank spokesman, amicable solutions could be found with most customers.

There were also redundancies at Sparkasse Dortmund*. Here is a report from Handelsblatt 15 cases mentioned. This approach will also be used at ING in the coming weeks.

A direct bank spokesperson explains that daily Newsthat casualties affect even a “low four-digit number of customers.” Even after repeated reminders, they would not have accepted the negative interest rate (more news on digital things* in RUHR24).

Negative interest: not all banks threaten customers with termination

the way you can read, competitors like Berliner Sparkasse or Commerzbank want to wait and see instead. Before termination occurs, amicable solutions must be found for clients.

Bank customers are threatened with account cancellation: four-digit number of affected customers.

© Björn Hake/Imago

However, there is a glimmer of hope in general: many banks have announced that they will give up negative interest rates in the future as soon as the European Central Bank stops charging penalty interest rates to banks. But as long as this does not happen, the problem could increase.

Sparkasse, Postbank and ING: Will low-income workers soon be threatened with dismissal?

Oliver Mihm, head of banking consulting firm Investors Marketing, might imagine that low- and middle-income earners would also be hit by the threat of termination as soon as 85 to 90 percent of customers agreed to the new terms and conditions. with custody fee. The approval rate is currently around 70 percent.

Those who want to spend the money they have saved now have more opportunities to do so. After a long break from Corona, holidays abroad are possible again. But if you end up in Turkey* or Greece*, for example, you still have to take some steps into account. *calf is, like RUHR24, part of the IPPEN.MEDIA editorial network.

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