Real in Wülfrath is still Real: still under new ownership

Authentic Wuelfrath
The logo lights up above the entrance: Real in Wülfrath is still real. Photo: Volkman

Wuelfrath. At the end of the month, “Royal” in Wülfrath does not end: the name remains, but the owner changes.

Behind the Royal Cause there is a longer story that should have been updated on May 1 under Edeka. Now everything is surprisingly different: Real will also remain at Wülfrath Real, as a company spokesperson confirmed when asked. However, something changes, namely the owner.

On July 1, the Frankfurt lawyer Sven Tischendorf and his so-called “single family office” together with some Real managers will take over a total of 64 locations from the Real network which used to have 270 branches, including the branch in Fliethe . The company has since changed the list of liens on its site as well, in response to the surprising change. There it is now simply: “Stick with the real thing.”

Sell-out at the Wülfrather Real branch was stopped immediately and operations continued smoothly. “Nothing will change for customers,” reports a spokesman for the Royal company about the current state. The supply of goods is assured. Apart from some conditions of the legal framework, nothing should change for the employees either, they would be assumed.

This new situation came about as a result of the so-called management takeover by the restructuring company Sven Tischendorf. In a nutshell, this “MBO” means a company acquisition in which the previous or active management buys the company. The Federal Cartel Office gave this the green light in early March.

The Russian investor SCP, the “System Capital Partners Group”, had previously bought the branches of the ailing department store chain Real to divide and sell them. Globus, Kaufland and Edeka took over locations, others were closed and others will continue to operate with the participation of the investor Tischendorf.

And Edek? It’s out. The continuation under Real in Wülfrath is expressly not an interim solution, as confirmed by a company spokesperson. Edeka Rhein/Ruhr declined to comment, saying: “We ask you to understand that we do not comment on the current state of talks with the royal.”

Purchase cooperation between Real and Rewe

And something else has happened in the meantime: As reported by the Federal Cartel Office, a purchasing cooperation between Rewe and the remaining Real locations has been allowed. So far it was unclear how Real will buy its assets in the future.

“Basically, we were concerned with the question of whether a purchasing cooperation with REWE as one of the largest retailers is absolutely necessary for the continued existence of the actual 63 locations, rather than considering medium-sized companies,” said Andreas Mundt, President of the Federal Cartel Office, on April 13. At this time, an official decision on Wülfrath had not yet been made.

“The benchmark for our evaluation can only be whether the investor’s concept is commercially understandable and whether alternative offers are not unreasonably rejected or for reasons that cannot be recognized by antitrust law. Ultimately, however, no other model seems viable enough to guarantee the conservation of the sites,” explains Mundt.

In addition to Rewe, certain food retailers belonging to the medium-sized RTG purchasing cooperative have also expressed an interest in working with the newly owned locations.

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