Rewe and Kaufland: Let’s remember! Consumption can be fatal

Rewe and Kaufland: Product withdrawn from the market! Consumption could be dangerous

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

Rewe: The success story of the supermarket chain

The Rewe Group, based in Cologne, is one of the largest retail groups in Germany. It not only includes the Rewe supermarket chain. This also includes Penny, Toom, Billa in Austria, DER Touristik Germany and Lekkerland.

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Attention, there is a withdrawal in rewe and Kaufland!

The discount store and the supermarket. rewe and Kaufland You have to pick up food. This is the article “Shrimp salad with cocktail cream” of the brand “Nadler” in a 125 gram bowl and the best before date is April 22, 2022. WSF Fischfeinkost GmbH withdraws this product.

Customers using the affected product rewe or Kaufland bought should not eat it; at worst, it could be life-threatening!

Rewe and Kaufland: Food recall: consumption could be life-threatening

As the manufacturer also reports, there has been a labeling error on the bottom and side of the glass. And that’s serious, because: For some products, the identification of shrimp, cream and sodium metabisulfite allergens could be missing, as well as trace information for fish, soy, celery, sesame and gluten!

In plain language: allergy sufferers could have real problems eating it. The recall only affects the named product, other “Nadler” brand salads or expiration dates are not affected. The purchased product can be returned to Rewe or Kaufland. The product will then be exchanged there or, if desired, the purchase price will be refunded.

Rewe and Kaufland: Allergy sufferers should avoid shrimp salad

How allergy sufferers react to this can vary. Food allergies manifest themselves in reactions of the mucous membranes, for example, in the form of swelling of the mucous membranes throughout the mouth, nose and throat, as well as swelling of the tongue.


More news about rewe and Kaufland:


Gastrointestinal symptoms may include nausea, gas, vomiting, and diarrhea. On the other hand, allergic reactions of the respiratory tract with constriction of the bronchi or skin (urticaria, itching) are much more dangerous.

In extreme cases, there is a risk of anaphylactic shock. (mg)


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