Supermarket mocks Ferrero after recall

  • ferrero I have to children’s products withdrawal due to risk of salmonella
  • Edeka causes in Facebook with malicious advertising
  • slogan fr Alternative to chocolate candies not doing well on facebook

the chocolatier ferrero I recently had a great recovery action for some of their best-known candies: Salmonella contamination was suspected in several children’s products. Edeka takes advantage of the current exceptional situation for himself and advertises his cheaper alternative to the popular Ferrero with a provocative slogan “Chocolate Drops”. However, this does not go down well with some customers.

Edeka reacts to Ferrero’s withdrawal and makes provocative self-promotion

“Our chocolate is undoubtedly delicious and wonderfully cheap,” writes Edeka in her facebook site to a publication in which the company advertises its version of “chocolate candy.” Above it says: “Guaranteed no surprises.” Edeka thus refers to the current food recall fr child surprise eggsthat have been recalled due to possible salmonella contamination.

But that was just the beginning: little by little, more and more children’s products had to be withdrawn, including “Schokobons”, “Mini-Eggs” and an advent calendar. Eventually Ferrero was even forced to make one Factory in Belgium to temporarily close.

The fact that Edeka is taking advantage of the current situation to introduce chocolate fans to its own brand “Gut & Gnstig” products and draw customers away from the competition is seen by some Facebook users as a successful move. “Edeka just has a clever Marketing department“, praises one user, for example. Another comments: “Respect. Your people are really on point!” And another user even finds: “Great! It tastes so much better anyway!”

But most commentators see it differently: many criticize the provocative marketing strategy as tasteless and inappropriate. “Schadenjoy is rarely good, and certainly not this way,” she says, for example. Or: “Absolutely rude to Ferrero, next time I wish Rewe would come something like that if one of his products was returned! I say this even though I shop at Edeka.”

Facebook users criticize Edeka – not as tasty as Ferrero

Most users criticize that Edekas “chocolate fudge” It just couldn’t keep up with the Ferrero original in terms of taste. Some would rather do without chocolate altogether than resort to Edeka’s alternative. “Unfortunately, they don’t taste good at all. Better off without chocolate then.”

Another user also points out that the cheap version is not so cheap anymore because Edeka Price for the newly augmented product. “Then make it more expensive and therefore tastier. Let’s see how long you keep laughing. What good is cheap chocolate if you raise prices so drastically from yesterday to today?” Ferrero himself has yet to respond to the Edeka dig.

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