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When is a shit storm a shit storm? The word has been in the German dictionary since 2013 and, according to the explanation, describes a storm of outrage on the Internet that has turned offensive. According to media reports, Tesla has experienced some of these, but only in relation to CEO Elon Musk’s Twitter outages, such as his taunting of Hitler against the Canadian prime minister in February, with most of the criticism coming from people. they know him anyway. However, over the Easter weekend, Tesla itself and also customers received a lot of criticism online, due to a comparatively insignificant change in the delivery scope of its electric cars.

Tesla defender criticizes CEO Musk

The first to discover it was once again the German student @tesla_adri, who claims to use a script to track changes in the source code of the Tesla website. In the second week of April, the word “included” was removed from the English version before mentioning the Mobile Connector (see photo), which Tesla has included with all of its electric cars so far, which allows slow charging without an infrastructure especially in normal sockets. And on Saturday, @tesla_adri pointed out that on the US domestic charging options page, the extra abbreviated as UMC2 is no longer listed as part of the box, but priced at $400.

At first this only seemed to affect the US. In any case, the German version of the loading page still said on Easter Monday around noon that the UMC is included in the delivery. But @tesla_adri’s English Twitter message was picked up many times and also discussed intensively on the German Tesla Drivers and Friends (TFF) forum. The first reaction to this from @WholeMarsBlog, otherwise one of the most ardent supporters of Tesla and its CEO on Twitter, was critical: “Disappointing decision!” he wrote sternly to Musk.

Tried it first with data. With little use, the Tesla boss had already justified the omission of adjustable lumbar support for passengers in the Model 3 and Model Y last May, which quickly eased the already moderate protests against it. UMC use was also statistically “super low,” he wrote. Also, as a small positive, more adapters will be included in the price of charging accessories soon.

Musk didn’t get very far on this one. About half a day later, he called back and announced that, due to feedback, the price of the UMC would be reduced to $200; Also, it should be easier to order it along with a new Tesla. He also recommends charging at home with a permanently installed Tesla wall box rather than the mobile solution. But even that didn’t stop the raging shitstorm, even if some commentators praised Musk’s willingness to react quickly to customer criticism.

The charging accessories in the store are currently out of stock

If the decision was defended otherwise, then with reference to the many resources that would no longer be consumed if Musk said the perk is rarely used. That doesn’t seem to have been Tesla’s real motivation, though, as its US and German webshops showed UMC out of stock on Monday. That’s probably why the criticism remained massive even after Musk’s concessions (especially since it hasn’t been implemented yet and experience has shown that something like this can take time at Tesla). The community has largely accepted the numerous and sometimes drastic price increases for electric cars, such as the supercharging at Tesla, in recent months without complaint. Possibly due to the psychological effect of loss aversion, the reaction to the omission of carrying props was violent.

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