Tesla: Elon Musk promises Cybertruck, Semi and new Roadster by 2023

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has opened his company’s sixth production facility in Austin, Texas. In terms of volume, it is the largest factory in the world, it would fit 194 million hamsters, Musk said on stage at the new factory. He did not say how many rodents fit in the second largest factory and what that is. In terms of area, it is the size of three US Department of Defense buildings, also known as the Pentagon.

In Austin, 500,000 Model Y electric cars are expected to roll off the production line each year. Starting next year, the Cybertruck electric pickup truck, which Tesla had previously reported as “under construction” in filings to the US Securities and Exchange Commission, will also be built there. So far, the Cybertruck has only been seen in charts. by computer, Musk said. The car that later drove around the grounds behind him in a movie on the screen was real, he said.

Most of the production in Austin should be made up of the Model Y, Musk said. In addition, battery cells would also be manufactured there, and it should be the largest production facility of its kind in the world. The cells would contain more energy than conventional ones, would be lighter and safer, Musk promised.

For the next year, the Tesla boss promised a “big wave of new products.” In addition to the Cybertruck, the electric Semi truck will also go into production, along with a new electric roadster from Tesla. As usual on every occasion, Musk envisioned “fully autonomous driving,” this time with the option of launching a robotaxi.

Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck at the 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show.
(Image: Tesla)

Optimus, an android robot currently being developed by Tesla, will have even more influence on world movements. A first version could also be ready next year, Musk said.

Tesla first introduced the Cybertruck, a van with an angular, futuristic body, in 2019. Apparently, the car’s silhouette hasn’t changed since the first introduction. The start of production of the station wagon and the E-Truck Semi was postponed several times. A roadster was the first vehicle Tesla put into mass production in 2008. At its maiden launch in 2018, Musk’s SpaceX space company’s Falcon Heavy rocket contained a Tesla Roadster as a test mass, which was then launched into space.


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