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The production of electric cars and the necessary batteries can be very simple, or at least you can pretend that “raw materials go in, a lot of things happen, cars go out,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk said last week in the opening of the new Gigafactory. in the US state of Texas abbreviated roughly. In a graphic that is also clear, Tesla also showed which part of the production takes place in which area of ​​his new factory, but he seems to have confused himself.

Tesla factory as a computer chip

During his speech in front of the many thousands of employees and fans at the “Cyber ​​Rodeo” at the factory’s start-up in Texas last Thursday, Musk showed several background images and graphics. Tesla learned a lot during production at the main Fremont plant and is now doing better, the CEO said, among other things. Instead of being scattered like there, everything is now “under one roof” in Texas. This applies to both batteries and plastic components and seats, which so far even come from other plants.

The Tesla boss compared this principle to that of a computer chip, in which everything that was needed was also arranged efficiently and in close proximity. Fittingly, a top view of the long Gigafactory building with the typical beveled corners was shown behind it, schematically divided into the different areas of it. The arrows also indicate the direction of the flow of material and parts between them. The production of battery cells is followed by the production of battery packs, which are then combined with the rest of the Model Y from other areas in final assembly.

The process shown appears to be correct. However, as early as Thursday, a Twitter user with 0 followers noted that Tesla had apparently literally screwed something up by tagging their Gigafactory. Initially, this did not provoke any reaction, but a well-known Tesla watcher also reported on Sunday and it was later noted more widely. “Small mistake in the design of Giga Texas,” he wrote @ajtourville. Among them he published the Cyber ​​Rodeo Gigafactory graphic and his own edited version of it.

According to Musk, the Gigafactory is the most modern in the world

This shows that the arrangement of the Gigafactory areas in the image used by Tesla is simply rotated 180 degrees. At the top right of the photo (actually in the northeast, recognizable by the parking lot there) the pressing plant should have been entered instead of battery production and vice versa at the bottom left. That is known from regular drone surveillance of construction work, and after it was prominently clarified, several Twitter commenters said they noticed it immediately. According to the CEO of Tesla, the most modern factory in the world is a little more complicated than “Material in, cars out”.

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