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For about nine months, you could buy a Tesla Model 3 in Germany at a bargain price, at least that’s what we can see in hindsight. At the beginning of 2021, Tesla lowered the prices of all the variants of this electric car, in some cases significantly, and together with the environmental bonus that had increased the previous summer, effectively you only had to pay just under 35,000 euros for the version. basic. However, in October 2021, Tesla prices changed direction again. First, the full German state premium of €6,000 for all Model 3s was retained. But after Tesla dramatically increased the price of the smaller version over the weekend, the subsidy will also be lower.

No more full funding for Model 3

In the German configurator, the price of the Model 3 is now at least 49,900 euros. However, this is somewhat misleading, because Tesla already deducts the manufacturer’s prescribed portion of the environmental bonus on the web. The amount before was 3,000 euros net and dropped to 2,500 euros. Because with electric cars starting at €40,000 net list price without extras, the bonus is also less, and the Model 3 now results in a calculated net price of almost €45,000.

This also affects the higher variants, because Tesla bills them as base plus upgrades. In fact, the configurator said that all Model 3 variants are entitled to the full German electric car grant of €9,000 (€3,000 from the manufacturer plus €6,000 from the state). The wording was the same on Monday, but only 7,500 euros are mentioned as the amount of the provision of the environmental bond.

Prices for the Model 3 Long Range and Performance had already risen more significantly than the base version since October 2021. Over the weekend, Tesla waived a further increase for them, but due to the new environmental bonus situation, the customers now also have to pay 1,000 euros more for them.

Tesla Model Y LR costs the same

This ultimately results in a strange situation in terms of price. German Model 3 prices last rose in mid-March (for the second time in the month). Since then, Tesla has listed 56,990 euros in the Model 3 Long Range configurator. That already corresponded exactly to the price of a Model Y in the same version, which is unusual given the difference in format. With the Model 3, the premium that could still be deducted was initially €1,000 higher at €6,000, but with the base price increase, that was done over the weekend. At Tesla in Germany, you now pay exactly the same for the Model 3 LR sedan as you do for the Model Y LR crossover.

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