Tesla Model Y: Buyers complain about flaws in Grünheide’s vehicle

damage upon delivery
Tesla Model Y: Buyers complain about flaws in Grünheide’s vehicle

Tesla boss Elon Musk personally hands over a Model Y to the owner at the opening of the Gigafactory in Grünheide.

Tesla boss Elon Musk personally hands over a Model Y to the owner at the opening of the Gigafactory in Grünheide.

© Patrick Pleul / DPA

When Tesla celebrated the opening of its Gigafactory in Grünheide and delivered the first 30 Model Y “Made in Germany” vehicles to its customers, the cars were in perfect condition. Now, however, there have been customer complaints about defects in the new vehicles that have been delivered.

On March 22, everything seemed perfect at the newly opened Gigafactory in Grünheide. The vehicles on display on the site also impressed with their good workmanship. But the complaints of the clients did not wait. According to a report from the Teslamag blog, a customer was disappointed to see his new Tesla Model Y.

Complaints about defects in delivered Model Y vehicles can also be found on Twitter. “(…) Unfortunately, the quality of the German Teslas is not really good. These are some impressions of my PAI that were given to me yesterday…” tweeted a man who apparently bought a German-made Tesla. Various irregular gap dimensions can be seen in the posted photos. Also, the tailgate on the right protrudes a bit outwards. Another man who claims to have bought a Tesla Model Y reports numerous hairline scratches in the black paint on Facebook.

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Of the star Tesla asked for comment in a written request Thursday. However, Tesla has not responded to the request as of the publication of this article.

Customer complaints about the Model Y as early as 2020

Defects such as irregular gap dimensions and scratches on the bodywork of Tesla vehicles have been reported in the media for some time. In the spring of 2020, the electric car manufacturer began delivering the Model Y in the United States. And a little later, customers of the electronic model in the USA increasingly complained about defects in the delivered car, as “Electrek” wrote in June 2020. Eventually, cancellations are said to have occurred.

According to the report, Elon Musk acknowledged problems with the overall assembly of the Model Y and sent an email to his employees. In it he wrote: “It is extremely important to us to increase production of the Model Y while minimizing the need for rework.” At the time, there were suspicions that Tesla was trying to deliver as many Model Y vehicles as possible in the current quarter in order to report good numbers. Similar assumptions can now also be heard with reference to Grünheide.

Study: Tesla cars have a higher than average number of defects

In fact, the Initial Quality Study of the American analysis company JD Power, published at the end of June 2020, showed that Tesla’s new cars, mostly Model 3 vehicles, had more defects than the vehicles of the other 31 considered car brands. Quality was determined based on the number of problems found per 100 vehicles (PP100). A lower score meant a higher quality. Tesla received an initial quality rating of 250 problems per 100 vehicles, even though the US automaker was not officially part of the study. Because you did not grant JD Power access to customer vehicle registration data.

The problems with Tesla cars were mostly in production and things like paint defects, poorly fitting body panels, hard to open and close trunks and hoods, wind noise, and squeaks and rattles. In Canada, Tesla owners even filed a class action lawsuit against the automaker over paint quality issues.

By contrast, Dodge and Kia performed better in the study, with 136 problems per 100 vehicles. The average for 2020 model year vehicles was 166 problems per 100 vehicles. In the subsequent study in 2021, Tesla improved a little with 231 problems out of 100 vehicles, but finished again at the bottom of the ranking.

About a year ago, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that it was extremely difficult to correctly implement all the details during the start-up of a new factory. Therefore, customers interested in perfection should buy very soon or only when production at a Tesla plant is stable, he recommends.

Sources: Teslamag, Electrek, JD Power (1), JD Power (2), CNBC

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