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When Tesla opened final Model Y orders in Europe last July, some customers were disappointed with the price. Instead of coming directly from the new German Gigafactory, as initially planned, and instead of significantly lowering the price at the beginning like there, Tesla even increased it slightly in Germany, for example. The Tesla Model Y Long Range went on sale in Germany for 56,990 euros after deducting 2,500 euros net of the manufacturer’s environmental premium. But in the meantime, everything at Tesla in Europe except the Model Y has gone up in price, and it’s rumored that it could soon follow.

Tesla prices on the rise

At the start of specific Model Y orders in Europe, the Model 3 Long Range in Germany cost €49,900 after Tesla’s environmental discount. The price had been reduced to this level at the beginning of 2021 and initially remained there, although Tesla soon changed direction in the US. For the Model Y in the same version, there was 7,000 euros more in the German configurator in July 2021 , and there was also 1,000 euros less in the environmental premium from the government.

But from October 2021, Tesla also continued to increase the European prices of the Model 3. The last step so far took place in Germany at the beginning of April with 7,000 euros more than once for the basic version, which had previously been left mostly sideways. At the same time, the German state premium for all Model 3 variants fell by €1,000. And for the Model 3 LR, that meant it cost customers exactly the same as the same-spec Model Y.

Rumors about a higher price for the Model Y

This is clearly an anomaly in the automotive world, where offshoots of SUVs, like the Model Y essentially stands for the Model 3, typically cost noticeably more. Tesla has already priced the two electric cars closer than usual in China, but the German tie is likely to be unique in the world, and it may not last much longer. Because in addition to the speculation triggered by such considerations, according to the electric car rental company netxmove, there are now also concrete rumors about it.

Buschfunk is reporting “an upcoming Model Y price increase,” nextmove wrote on Twitter on Sunday. Anyone who wants to place an order should still make sure of the current price, because it probably won’t drop any time soon, renting without a guarantee is recommended. When asked by teslamag.de, CEO Stephan Moeller specified that these rumors would come from third parties in the Tesla sales area. However, he also did not want to rule out the possibility that they were distributed in a targeted way to boost sales.

Tesla Model Y as a true exception

In the current environment, the assessment that Tesla prices in Germany and Europe will at least not go down for the time being is probably correct. Perhaps this is also shown by the fact that charging at the Supercharger became more expensive this week again from 2021 and this year only. The Model Y in the previously available Long Range versions from China and since the end of March Performance from the German Gigafactory has become a true exception at Tesla in Europe in this regard. And on Wednesday, as with Germany’s smaller Model 3, there was possibly a kind of foreshadowing of the first Model Y price hike for Europe: delivery times for the LR version jumped two more months to this September by several countries. You should still get them in black or white in July, but only if you go for the larger rims for €2,200.

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