Test in ten cities: Kaufland introduces a deposit in food packaging – knowledge

The Kaufland supermarket chain is testing a new deposit system for groceries. (icon image) Photo: IMAGO/Manfred Segerer

Some organic retailers are leading the way, offering reusable cups for food, not just drinks. Now Kaufland is following suit. How does the new deposit system work?

Kaufland customers can now buy rice, lentils and other everyday groceries in returnable jars instead of plastic containers, and return the jars after use. However, this has only been possible in ten selected stores so far: Kaufland is currently testing the new system. Two of the markets are in Baden Württemberg: one in Ravensburg and one in Weingarten.

“Responsible and resource-saving design of our range is our top priority. Therefore, we are always testing new options for sustainable and easy shopping,” says Robert Pudelko, Head of Sustainable Purchasing at Kaufland. “With these returnable jars, we offer another innovative and practical solution to avoid packaging materials such as plastic, in addition of unpackaged stations.

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In addition to products such as muesli, sugar or flour, customers at selected branches can also buy gummy bears, dried fruit, nuts or agave syrup in returnable jars. You can return empty glasses through the empty bottle machines. In this way, they return to the reusable cycle. Kaufland wants to conserve resources and reduce the use of plastic. To this end, the company is working with Eco Terra, a supplier that specializes in offering unpackaged groceries and supplies the returnable jars for Kaufland.

Several organic supermarkets are already using the reusable system for food. in tegutcustomers can buy plastic-free products like quinoa, chickpeas, and rice in storage jars. To do this, the company uses yogurt and milk cups, which are finding new uses in 100 stores. tegut customers can purchase up to 22 vegan organic items from the Bio&So brand in these reusable cups.

Nuts and teas in jars

Also in natureAs of May 2020, there are various nut butters, nuts and teas in reusable jars in all our stores in Germany. In July 2020, the organic supermarket followed suit, bringing other products such as lentils, rice and raw cane sugar to the shelves, but also liquid products such as passata and ketchup in returnable bottles. “Reusable circuits for juice, water, beer, and milk and yogurt have proven their worth. If we now offer more organic products in returnable jars, new cycles will be created and the ecologically sensitive reusable system will be expanded due to increasing demand,” says Isabell Kuhl, packaging expert at Alnatura.

In selected Rewe stores there is a special form of reusable use: In some branches in Cologne, Rewe customers can shop at the salad bar with a reusable system. To do this, they borrow reusable containers, fill them with their salad, and return them after use. However, this works without a deposit.


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