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Everyone knows the good old folding bike. The meaning behind this is already clear in the word: a bike that folds. Perfect for travelers who want to fold it up in the trunk of their car or take it with them on the train. Since a simple electric motor and battery give the bicycle and folding bike a second chance at life, manufacturers have quickly turned the old folding bike into a folding electric bike. But there was a problem that the Austrian manufacturer Vello Bike has now solved.

Folding electric bike breaks record

It almost goes without saying that a folding bike has to be light, because if you have to carry it up the stairs to the S-Bahn station or put it in the trunk, you won’t want to ask a second person for help. An electric motor and battery make a bicycle an e-bike. At the same time, however, the weight increases. While that doesn’t matter much with an electric touring bike, the folding bike loses its advantage.

This electric folding bike, for example, causes a stir with its appearance. However, at around 30kg, you really break a sweat if you have to carry it up a flight of stairs. Vello solved the problem and introduced a folding electric bike that weighs less than 10kg. This makes it the lightest electric folding bike in the world. “With the patented 1.9kg lightweight folding frame made entirely of titanium, including the
With the 8-second folding mechanism, we are setting new standards for electric folding bikes,” says Vello boss Valentin Vodev. “The new electric bike weighs 9.9kg and uses only standard components.” The company thus reduces the weight of the previous model (here in the test) by about four kg. By the way: The new electric bike from Vello is also available without an electric drive. So it only weighs 6.5 kg.

The new Vello e-bike weighs less than 10 kg
The new Vello e-bike weighs less than 10 kg

What can the e-portfolio do?

Vello’s nearly 10kg lightweight electric bike has an all-in-one rear wheel hub motor. This means that the battery is also installed in the electric motor. When the battery is fully charged, the manufacturer can achieve a range of 50km, in turbo mode, mind you. With full use of the recovery, the range should be almost unlimited, Promises Full-Bodied Vello.

And this is how energy recovery works: With its four integrated sensors and the KERS technology (Kinetic Energy Recovery System) known from Formula 1, the battery is charged when braking or driving downhill.

The Vello folding bike when folded.
The Vello folding bike when folded.

When folded, the electric bike measures 57 x 79 x 29 cm. Therefore, it is not only light but also quite compact. Also installed: an electronic engine lock, a GPS module for tracking in case of theft.

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A week around town on a folding e-bike: the Tern Vektron S10 is doing very well

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