This unit really saves money

Driving a car cheaper can save a lot of money. But wich ones? A new analysis proves it. He also gives advice for having to pay significantly lower maintenance costs in the future.

Combustion cars are a cost trap. Greenpeace reaches this conclusion in a new study. In it, environmentalists compare the total costs of cars with electric motors, gasoline engines and diesel engines. The result is clear.

For example, anyone who today buys a compact electric car like the VW ID.3 instead of a VW Golf 2.0 TSI would save around 180 euros a month, says Greenpeace. Compared to an equally compact diesel SUV like the VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI, it’s even around 290 euros. By the way, the temporary reduction in energy prices is already included here; without it, the electric car’s cost advantage would be even greater.

car Monthly charges
compact gasoline engine 796 euros (763 euros with temporary relief measures by the federal government)
compact diesel SUV 883 euros (868 euros with temporary relief measures by the federal government)
compact electric car 580 euros

(Costs per month to 15,000 km per year including all costs incurred)

This is how it was calculated: The basis is the costs per kilometer determined by the ADAC for a VW Golf 2.0 TSI Style DSG (140 kW), a VW Tiguan 2.0 TDI SCR Life 4Motion DSG (147 kW) and a VW ID.3 Pro Performance with 58kWh (150kW) battery. According to Greenpeace, the manufacturer’s unrealistic information about average consumption was close to actual consumption. In addition, fuel costs have been adjusted to the current situation.

And vice versa, the cost advantage of the e-car does not only apply during the current extremely high fuel prices: As early as October 2021, the ADAC showed in a comparative calculation that an electric car is cheaper in two out of three cases. than a similarly equipped gasoline, diesel or plug-in hybrid engine. Higher fuel costs only allow the gap to widen further. While analysts expect prices at the pump to fall again, not necessarily to previous levels.

Anyone who wants to drive economically and without emissions in the future will choose the electric car, says Greenpeace. And he still has a piece of advice for drivers who care more about money than exhaust fumes: buy a used one. Because even a four-year-old combustion engine has only half the monthly costs of a new car. With electric cars, costs are reduced by around 40 percent.


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