Toyota GR Corolla/VW Golf R: Comparison

by Tim Neuman


  1. Toyota GR Corolla and VW Golf R in comparison
  2. Golf R and GR Corolla with fun driving features
  3. GR Corolla and Golf R specifications

With the Toyota GR Corolla, the VW Golf R faces a new competitor, which with all-wheel drive and more than 300 hp clearly points to the compact sports car from Wolfsburg. Our comparison will clarify whether the new one could even put together the best package!

At the unveiling of the Toyota GR Corolla, fans of the VW Golf R must have had a few beads of sweat running down their spines. Otherwise, its outgoing compatriot, the Honda Civic Type R, is just as wild as the GR Yaris’s big brother. With muscular extensions, uniquely arranged three tailpipes, and more smoke than a chain smoker, the Corolla clearly wins in the comparison’s testosterone rating over the Golf R. The Mittelland Canal counterpart is usually understated, with much more understatement . Nonetheless, the Golf meets the visual demands of sporty customers: with a higher roof spoiler and a four-pipe exhaust system. And thanks to Akrapovič flap control, it roars loud as an option. Apart from that, it keeps the vulgar tone and makes it clear that it is an adult toy, while the GTI Clubsport is a bit more playful. The GR Corolla is no less serious in its own way: all vents and accessories have cooling or aerodynamic functions. And although the Japanese looks as if it was only destined for the rally track, it is not only in this comparison that it presents itself as a five-door station wagon. More on the topic: Our product tips on Amazon

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Toyota GR Corolla and VW Golf R in comparison

Of course, the VW Golf R can also accelerate up to five people to 250 km/h (optionally 270 km/h) without the crew having to compromise in terms of comfort. The Japanese are still keeping it a secret if the Toyota GR Corolla will break this mark. By the way, the same applies to the sprint time from 0 to 100 km/h. Here we recommend taking a look at the technical data of the little brother GR Yaris, which is also equipped with all-wheel drive. With around 200 kilograms less and a performance deficit of a good 40 hp, the little car jumps into triple digits in 5.5 seconds. It’s quite possible that the Corolla’s 304-hp (224-kW) 370-Nm three-cylinder might be a few points quicker. In the traffic light race against the 320 hp (235 kW) VW Golf R, the Japanese are likely to lose out. Due to its blazing-fast seven-speed DSG gearbox, the 100 mark drops after just 4.7 seconds. In the torque comparison, the Golf also benefits from its larger four-cylinder, delivering up to 420Nm to the crankshaft. The VW Golf R weighs 1,550 kilograms, about 80 more than the Toyota GR Corolla’s 1,470 kilograms.

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Golf R and GR Corolla with fun driving features

No matter how quick and efficient the dual-clutch transmission in the VW Golf R is, fans still swear by manual shifting like in the Toyota GR Corolla. Of course, driving fun is not only created with full power and gear shifting. Both VW and Toyota offer compact sporty customers a couple of real hits. In addition to the obligatory “Comfort”, “Sport”, “Race” and “Individual”, the driver from Wolfsburg also has a flawless Nürburgring mode and a drift setting. The Corolla driver can determine what the Golf automatically regulates through torque vectoring. Power distribution can be changed from 60:40 for everyday to 30:70 for fun or 50:50 for racing. The Circuit Limited Edition also has two Torsen locking differentials, which further improve lateral dynamics. But the fun also has its price. In the case of the VW Golf R, the impressive dynamics costs at least 51,835 euros (as of April 2022). It is not yet clear how much money those interested in the Toyota GR Corolla will have to put on the table. Bold rumors assume converted starting prices of less than 30,000 euros. However, and now VW fans can breathe a sigh of relief, the Corolla shouldn’t be sold in Europe.

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GR Corolla and Golf R specifications

Technical specifications Toyota GR Corolla vw golf r
Cylinders/valves per cylinder. R3/4; Turbo R4/4; Turbo
displacement 1618cc 1984cc
performance 304 horsepower (224 kilowatts) 320 horsepower (235 kilowatts)
Max Torque 370nm 420nm
transmission/drive 6 speed manual gearbox/four wheel drive 7 speed dual clutch/all wheel drive
Acceleration 0-100km/h no 4.7s
Max speed (factory) no 250 km/h (optional 270 km/h)
basic price no €51,835

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by Tim Neuman
by Tim Neuman

our conclusion

There’s no question about it: The GR Corolla is kicking up a lot of dust in the sport compact segment and is likely to compete with VW in the US for a significant proportion of Golf customers. The danger of the Toyota GR Corolla for the VW Golf R depends mainly on the price, which is not yet known. And of course whether the compact sports car will come to Germany after all.


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