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From: Benjamin Stroka

The actual branches will remain at around 60 locations, and will not become Edeka, Globus or Kaufland. (Editing) © Udo Gottschalk/Imago & Michael Gstettenbauer/Imago & Fotostand/Imago & C. Hardt/Future Image/Imago

The Real breakup is over for the time being. The surprise: about 60 locations will be preserved. But what real branches will those be?

Cologne/Düsseldorf – What was considered highly unlikely just a few months ago is now going to happen: Although the Real hypermarket chain is being dismantled, around 60 locations will continue to operate as Real. This means that the breakup of Real by Russian investor SCP has come to an end, at least for the time being. The finance company has handed over the remains of Real GmbH to the family office of restructuring expert Sven Tischendorf. However, some questions remain unanswered. Above all: Which Royal stores will remain with the old name?

Real breakout: Which markets are still real?

Until now, most of Real’s locations in Germany have either been taken over by another department store chain (Kaufland, Edeka and Globus have stood out first) or have been closed because they weren’t cheap enough. But for a total of 63 Royal branches, there is still a perspective due to the surprising change regarding SCP and Sven Tischendorf. “These are branches for which the decision to close, sell or stay with Real was not yet clear,” says Real. However, at this time it cannot be said how many of the current real markets would ultimately remain with Real, a spokesperson continued.

These real markets will continue under the old name (as of April 7, 2022):

Real Breakout: Baden-Württemberg: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Baden-Württemberg:
  • Real in Böblingen (Röhrer Weg)
  • Royal in Bruchsal (Stuttgarter Str. 10)
  • Real in Bühl (Vimbucher Strasse 75)
  • Real in Donaueschingen (Bregstrasse 30)
  • Real in Ettlingen (Huttenkreuzstrasse 3)
  • Real in Jettingen (Heilbergstrasse)
  • Real in Karlsruhe-Bulach (Ortenbergstrasse)
  • Real in Oberndorf am Neckar (Friedrich-List-Strasse)
  • Real in Weingarten (Franz-Beer-Strasse)

Real Breakout: Bavaria: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Bavaria:
  • Real in Amberg (Fuggerstrasse 4)
  • Real in Hallstadt-Bamberg (Emil-Kemmer-Strasse 2)
  • Real in Landsberg (Saarbrücker Strasse 1)
  • Real in Passau (Holzmannstrasse)
  • Real in Pocking (Passauer Strasse 56)
  • Royal in Traunstein (Haslacher Feld 5)
  • Real in Weiden (Neustädter Strasse)
  • Real in Zwiesel (Alte Langdorfer Strasse 15)

Real Breakout: Brandenburg: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Brandenburg:
  • Real in Brandenburg (Brielower Landstrasse)
  • Real in Frankfurt an der Oder (Messering 10)
  • Real in Gosen (Am Müggelpark 10-12)
  • Royal at Pritzwalk (Rostocker Strasse 2)

Real Breakout: Hessen: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Hesse:
  • Royal at Wetzlar (Hörnsheimer Eck 2-4)

Real Breakout: Lower Saxony: These Markets Are Still Real

  • lower saxony:
  • Real in Braunschweig (Berliner Strasse 53) – closed for repair work from January 31, 2022
  • Real in Helmstedt (Werner-von-Siemens-Strasse)
  • Royal in Hildesheim (Cheruskerring 26)
  • Real in Salzgitter-Thiede (Schäferwiese 15)
  • Real in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt (Konrad-Adenauer-Strasse 11)
  • Royal in Schiffdorf-Spaden (Neufelder Weg 1)
  • Real in Stuhr (Proppstrasse 164)
  • Real in Uelzen (Fischerhofstrasse 6)
  • Real in Wolfsburg-Nordsteimke (Hehlinger Strasse 21)

Real Breakout: North Rhine-Westphalia: These Markets Are Still Real

  • North Rhine-Westphalia:
  • Real in Brakel (Warburger Strasse 38)
  • Real in Coesfeld (Dülmener Strasse 39)
  • Real in Dinslaken (Thyssenstrasse 70)
  • Real in Düsseldorf-Heerdt (Schiessstrasse 31)
  • Real in Euskirchen (Narzissenweg 25)
  • Real in Gelsenkirchen (Emscherstrasse 37)
  • Real in Hagen (Vollbrinkstraße 9)
  • Real in Heiligenhaus (Velberter Strasse 38-44)
  • Real in Herne (Am Großmarkt 4)
  • Real in Kamp-Lintfort (Moerser Str. 221)
  • Real in Cologne-Sülz (Weisshausstrasse 20-30)
  • Real in Monschau (Industriestrasse 8)
  • Royal in Nordwalde (Wallgraben 12-14)
  • Real in Übach-Palenberg (Boschstrasse 4)
  • Real in Wuppertal-Langerfeld (Dieselstrasse)

Real in Rhineland-Palatinate: These markets are still real

  • Rhineland-Palatinate:
  • Royal in Ingelheim (Nahering 3)
  • Real in Ludwigshafen (Prälat-Caire-Strasse)
  • Real in Mülheim-Kärlich (Industriestrasse 4)

Real breakout: Saarland: These markets are still real

  • Saar:
  • Real in Bexbach (Poststrasse 1)
  • Real in Saarlouis (Carl-Zeiss-Strasse 2)

Real Breakout: Saxony: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Saxony:
  • Real in Heidenau (main street 3)
  • Real in Riesa (Riesa Park 4)

Real Breakout: Saxony-Anhalt: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Saxony-Anhalt:
  • Royal in Halle (Am Bruchsee)
  • Real in Hettstedt (Kämmritzer Weg 20)
  • Royal at Hohe Börde (Hermsdorf, Elbepark)
  • Real in Magdeburg (Olvenstedter Graseweg 37)
  • Real in Querfurt (in front of Nebraer Tor 5)
  • Royal in Wernigerode (Dornbergsweg 43)

Real Breakout: Schleswig-Holstein: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Schleswig-Holstein:
  • Schwentinental-Raisdorf (Mergenthalerstraße 13-21)

Real Breakout: Thuringia: These Markets Are Still Real

  • Thuringia:
  • Real in Erfurt (Gothaer Strasse 22)
  • Royal in Gotha (Schubertstrasse 20)
  • Royal in Weimar (Landhausallee 7)

Real: Around 60 branches will remain real, if the Federal Cartel Office agrees

At the time of the breakup, the Real department store chain operated around 270 branches in Germany. The Federal Cartel Office has approved the sale of up to 160 Royal stores in recent months. Kaufland, Edeka and Globus take over a large part. Around 60 more Real stores will now remain under the old name, ie they will continue as “Real”. In early March 2022, the Federal Cartel Office approved the receipt of 58 Royal stores.

The Tischendorf family of businessmen is currently scheduled to take over the management of Real on July 1. According to the head of SCP Retail, Patrick Kaudewitz, this would also permanently secure around 5,000 jobs and 130 jobs in administration.

Real: which Real branches will become Edeka, Kaufland and Globus

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Note: This article was last updated on April 7, 2022. New: Added more Real branches, which are still Real branches, for several federal states.

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