Withdrawal extended to all preferential consumption dates

  • Salmonella outbreak in Ferrero: Many brand products “kids“remembered
  • memory expanded again: Now all batches and best before dates the “kids” Affected Products
  • Production license of the interested party ferrero-Work temporarily withdrawn
  • fiscal determined against candy maker
  • consumer organization severely criticizes ferrero

Of the candy maker ferrero has recalled a large number of products in recent days. The reason: Salmonella Hazard. In several countries, infections with the bacteria had been detected in connection with one of the company’s production facilities in Belgium. Arlon stay.

Update April 12, 9:25 am: Another Ferrero recall: now all expiration dates are affected

after that i came out ferrero known about salmonella contamination at the Arlon production plant in Belgium since mid-December, the company has had to extend its recall of “Kinder” brand products again: it is now closing all batches and best before dates of the sweet “children” affected. Initially, only certain batches of the popular chocolate products were recalled.

From the memory recently expanded again and again, you will find one again here current list of the affected products:

  • Kinder Surprise 3er Pack (3x 20g) Classic Egg – EAN VB: 4008400240329 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Pack of 3 (3x 20g) Pink Egg – EAN VB: 4008400480329 – all expiration dates
  • children’s chocolates 125g, 200g, 300g, 200g + 25g free, 300g + 50g free, 350g, 500g – EAN VB: 5413548280189, 5413548283128, 4008400621722, 4008400280127, 4008400621920, 8000500269633, 5413548015552 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder White Chocolate Bons 200g – EAN VB: 8000500289877 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Egg 100g – EAN VB: 4008400231327 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Egg 100g – EAN VB: 4008400230825 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Mini Hazelnut Eggs 100g – EAN VB: 8000500196809 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Cocoa Mini Eggs 100g – EAN VB: 8000500361207 – all expiration dates
  • Mini Eggs Kinder Chocolate Kinder 100g – EAN VB: 8000500234303 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Mix Mix of colors 132g – EAN VB: 4008400313221 – all expiration dates
  • children’s mixed basket 86g – EAN VB: 8000500350911 – all expiration dates
  • children’s mix bag 193g – EAN VB: 8000500371466 – all expiration dates
  • Children’s Happy Moments 162g – EAN VB: 8000500284391 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Happy Moments mini mix – Greetings Edition 162g – EAN VB: 8000500284391 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Egg Smurfs 100g – EAN VB: 8000500269008 – all expiration dates
  • Mix of Mini Kinder Eggs 250g – EAN VB: 8000500295168 – all expiration dates
  • Children’s Plush Maxi Mix 133g – EAN VB: 4008400271323 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Package 4er (4x20g) – EAN VB: 4008400240527 – all expiration dates

Of the “children” products of the Christmas time are also remembered:

  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Classic Christmas Egg 100g – EAN VB: 4008400230726 – all expiration dates
  • Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Christmas Egg 100g – EAN VB: 4008400231723 – all expiration dates
  • kids mix boots 219g – EAN VB: 8000500371435 – all expiration dates
  • kids mix gift bag 193g – EAN VB: 8000500370551 – all expiration dates
  • Kids Maxi Mix Plush 133g – EAN VB: 4008400270326 – all expiration dates
  • Children’s desktop advent calendar 127 – EAN VB: 8000500242131 – all expiration dates
  • Easter Gift Bag K Mix 194g – all better before the dates

Update of April 11, 3:30 p.m.: Prosecutors investigate Ferrero

As a result of salmonella outbreak in ferrero have the belgian prosecutor investigations were launched against the candy manufacturer. They are related to the Ferrero production plant in Arlon, which had to close last week on official instructions. The Belgian news agency and other media initially reported on the matter, citing the prosecutor of the Belgian province of Luxembourg.

In the last few days there have been hundreds salmonella cases known throughout Europe, it is said to be associated with sweets made in Arlon. Finally, on Friday, the Afsca control authority had temporarily withdrawn the plant’s production license. In addition, all products of the brand “kids“that were made in Arlon were remembered.

ferrero however, he had stated that salmonella they were already discovered at the plant on December 15, 2021. Salmonella was found in a sieve at the outlet of two raw material tanks and the products made from it were then retained. The filter has been replaced and controls on finished and unfinished products have been increased, Ferrero said.

Foodwatch is harshly critical

The Italian company recognized on Friday “internal inefficiencies that made it delays in the withdrawals and the exchange of information.” Therefore, the investigations of the case were not carried out with the necessary speed and efficiency, according to the message, quoted by the Ansa and Adnkronos news agencies.

“Ferrero is deeply saddened by what has happened,” the statement said. corporate headquarters in Alba in the Italian region of Piedmont. After the incident, everything possible is being done so that the trust of the clients is not lost. At the same time, the company announced, as in other countries, in Italy sweets to remove those manufactured at the plant in Belgium. In Italy there are no cases of salmonella combined with ferreroproducts occurred, it was said.

However, the consumer organization has harshly criticized the company. food clock. “If such an error occurs, the population should be warned immediately,” Foodwatch’s Andreas Winkler said on Friday. In his opinion, personal responsibility and self-control on the part of manufacturers are not enough”,transparency obligations for the authorities, so cases like Ferrero’s must be made public immediately.

Original article Apr 10, 9:39 am: Ferrero is recalling even more chocolates for children: the problem has probably been known for months

Almost two weeks before Easter calls ferrero in Germany some batches of different children’s products return. The background is a possible connection to a salmonella outbreak. Around 63 people in the UK, mostly young children, had contracted salmonella, the PA news agency previously reported.

There should also be some in Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries. infections have given. Now the recall has even spread to the United States. According to health authorities in Paris, there was also a recall in France. The manufacturer has also recently recalled numerous children’s products in Australia. What did he share for food safety competent authority (FSANZ) on Thursday (07.04.2022) with. “Consumers should not eat these products and use them for a full refund bring it to the place of purchase,” it said on the authority’s website. Therefore, the products in question were also manufactured in Belgium. It is now known that Ferrero likely knew about the contamination for months.

Chocolate bonuses for children and company: Ferrero is withdrawing several products for children

As Ferrero announced on Tuesday (April 5, 2022), they were offered as a precaution. remember in germany certain. The company is working closely with the responsible food authority in Germany to uncover a possible link to a number of reported cases of salmonella. “Although none of our children’s products launched have tested positive for salmonella and neither consumer complaints received, we take the matter very seriously.

From the retreat in Germany there are lots of Kinder Surprise Eggs (pack of three) with a best before date between April and June 2022 also affected Chocolate candies for children Y Children’s White Chocolate Bons with a best-before date between May and September 2022.

According to the information, the products are also being withdrawn. Children’s maxi surprise (100 grams), baby mini eggs (100 grams) too Mixed packages for children, Children’s mixed basket, Children’s mixed bag, children’s happy moments, Children’s Happy Moments Mini Greetings Edition, children’s maxi mix teddy, Pack of 4 children’s surprises (4x20g) with an expiration date between August and September 2022. All the items were made in the same factory in Belgium, according to Ferrero.

Ferrero withdrawal extended again, even Christmas range affected

Ferrero also extends its withdrawal to children’s products from the Christmas range: the products are affected by the risk of salmonella Children’s surprise Maxi Classic Christmas Egg, Kinder Surprise Maxi Pink Christmas Egg, Mixed boots for children, Children’s mix gift bag, Maxi Mix children’s soft toy Y Children’s desktop advent calendar with an expiration date of April 20, 2022.

You can find a detailed list of all affected products (including product images) here. of the memory in Britain Affected are batches with an expiration date between July 11 and October 7, 2022, all manufactured in the same factory. Customers are advised not to eat these surprise eggs. However, other Ferrero products should not be affected. British health authorities are investigating the effects.

As the French health authorities announced that it is genetically the same salmonella that is responsible for an outbreak of salmonella disease in Great Britain and Ireland. All of the affected children’s chocolate products are made in a factory in Arlon, Belgium. According to French information, the Belgian food authorities are investigating the matter.

How to recognize Salmonella illness

Salmonella illness manifests a few days after infection with diarrhoea, abdominal pain and occasionally vomiting and low-grade fever. Symptoms usually go away on their own after a few days. Babies, young children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems in particular can develop more serious illnesses.

Anyone who has eaten this food and develops severe or persistent symptoms should seek medical attention and report a possible salmonella infection.

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