Train at home like in the gym

Freeletics announced further development of their products at the Web Summit in Lisbon, with which they want to expand their global supremacy in the thriving fitness app market. For the first quarter of next year, the Munich-based company announced the market launch of artificial intelligence-based weight training that, unlike all previous programs that did not … Read more

EU Future Project: More Outdoor Fitness

Especially during the corona pandemic, outdoor sports are popular, but the options are often limited. In this sense, the EU is supporting the Erasmus+Sports #DARE-O project, which is also being tested in Nuremberg in very different places to encourage participation and discover how cities can offer this type of sports activities. Training opportunities in Nuremberg … Read more

Fitness breakfast: 3 quick recipes full of energy!

These fitness breakfast recipes will give you an energetic start to the day! Since no energy is supplied to the body during sleep, the energy stores are usually empty when you wake up. Especially in combination with regular training, many people rely on a nutritious breakfast to replenish their energy stores with protein-rich foods. Sugar-free … Read more

About fitness to stay awake?

Oberliga: DJK Schlichthorst women’s footballers prepare for tough relegation battle / competitive play starts on March 27 Schlichthorst The company is not exempt from it. The sweat has been flowing again at DJK Schlichthorst’s Oberliga football players, all efforts are directed towards one goal: stay awake! A glance in the rearview mirror makes it clear … Read more

“I don’t really have a six pack”

Pamela Reif makes a shocking confession about her body.image: screenshot instagram/pamela_rf Pamela Reif is the queen of home workouts. At the latest during the second lockdown, almost everyone has made the living room jumps one of the popular YouTube videos of her at least once. The fitness influencer not only convinces her more than eight … Read more

The tricks with fitness and healthy eating | – television – broadcasts AZ

More information When it comes to protein powders, it’s not just vegans and vegetarians who should pay attention to the ingredients. What should be considered? plus In France, the substance is banned as a food additive because it is possibly carcinogenic. plus When shopping, there is often little time to look closely at the list … Read more

Fitness: Chris Hemsworth’s trainer reveals how to make New Year’s resolutions the right way

New Years Resolutions: Chris Hemsworth’s Fitness Trainer Reveals How To Keep Them Some want to build muscle, others want to lose weight – dealing with your own fitness at the turn of the year is a good first step to making a difference. Thor actor Chris Hemsworth’s personal trainer, Luke Zocchi, has told Forbes his … Read more

Fitness: HIIT training is also good for the liver, according to a new study

HIIT training is not only suitable for improving general fitness or losing weight, the training also has these benefits for the liver: HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training, that is, high intensity interval training. The hype about short but effective fitness drives hasn’t stopped, and a study now shows it can even prevent fatty … Read more

Peloton CEO John Foley: From Fitness Star to Crisis Manager

John Foley The boss of the fitness bike manufacturer recently had to practice crisis communication. (Photo: Bloomberg) New York In recent years, the 51-year-old founder and CEO of Peloton has really only seen growth. John Foley has been able to more than double the New York luxury fitness equipment maker’s sales in the last three … Read more

3 fitness mistakes are holding you back

Losing weight is more difficult for some people than for others. Regardless of disposition, a combination of a healthy, balanced diet and exercise provides the optimal foundation for weight loss. To achieve the best possible results, you should integrate a combination of resistance and weight training into your daily life. But the way you exercise … Read more

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