New Classes of Auto Insurance Types: For Whom Driving a Car Is Now Getting More Expensive

New types of car insurance For whom driving a car is now becoming more and more expensive 09/29/2022, 13:01 Will we have to pay more for car insurance in 2023? Or will it even be cheaper? The annually recalculated rate classes play an important role in contributions. You can read here which models are particularly … Read more

Losheim: tank breakdown – insurance looks for cause of incorrect refueling

09/29/2022 at 12:54 Gasoline instead of diesel in the tank : After a tank breakdown in Losheim: why, according to the insurer, it is technically almost impossible to refuel incorrectly What was the reason for the incorrect supply of the Globus gas station? This is now a case for shipping company insurance (our photo is … Read more

Health protection with two questions | THE INVESTMENT

Canada Life is now offering a campaign where 16-40 year olds can insure themselves against serious illness by asking just two questions about their health. Critical illness insurance, better known as critical illness insurance, pays the sum insured tax-free once if a critical illness occurs. With the Canada Life policy, this is up to 75,000 … Read more

News about the information requirements for yacht insurance

In a recent decision, the Austrian Supreme Court (OGH) commented on reporting obligations and obligations towards insurers and their obligation to provide benefits. This decision is not only extremely interesting for the occasion, but also for yacht owners and should be considered. 1. Legal status of insurance contracts Insurance contracts often contain clauses that, on … Read more

Climate risks: “price issue” and political pressure

9/29/2022 – Insurers’ risk appetite is changing, and for some sectors it is becoming more difficult to find adequate coverage, says Marsh expert Liliana Lapadatoni. On the contrary, companies are now also more critical when choosing an insurer. Moritz Finkelnburg, board member of the German BGV, reports on the growing political pressure to introduce compulsory … Read more

Nord Stream gas leak keeps industry busy

Construction work on Nord Stream 1 in 2011 At the time it was considered a prestigious project for Munich Re to secure the Nord Stream pipeline. (Photo: dpa) Munich/Frankfurt The three leaks in the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines could become a case for insurers. However, whether they actually have to pay for the … Read more

What Tier 3 Means for Auto Insurance

automated driving What Tier 3 Means for Auto Insurance providers on the subject With the Mercedes S-Class and the EQS, there will be cars on the road in the future that can drive themselves, without the driver having to do anything. What does this mean for insurance coverage? The first cars that can drive themselves … Read more

What to take into account when hiring cyber insurance

Companies are exposed to numerous risks in the online and IT area. Cyber ​​insurance can help mitigate this. Marcus Beckmann from Beckmann und Norda Rechtsanwälte explains what to watch out for. The subject of cyber insurance is extremely complex and there are a number of things to consider. INTERNET WORLD spoke to Marcus Beckmann of … Read more

Blackrock Survey: What Insurers Are Afraid of and Where They Are Investing | Insurance | 09/28/2022

Investment experts at insurance companies are currently concerned about three main issues: bonds, return opportunities outside of traditional stock markets, and steeply rising prices. This is reported by “Handelsblatt” with reference to a Blackrock survey of 370 managers of global insurers about their investment decisions. The world’s largest asset manager also asked where insurance companies … Read more

Will your car insurance premium also change due to regional classes?

The new regional classes are to blame Attention Drivers: Is Your Insurance Class Changing Soon? Regional classes have an impact on insurance premiums Ralf Gosch – Fotolia, Ralf Gosch Sep 28, 2022 @ 9:53am Influence of the regional class on the insurance premium Basically, the better the ranking in the regional class, the cheaper it … Read more

Stolen in Oberhausen: when insurance pays

Oberhausen. When stolen valuables are replaced by the insurance company depends on whether it is theft or robbery. An expert gives advice. A brief distraction and the wallet is pulled from the jacket pocket or backpack faster than you can see: in Oberhausen there were already hundreds of recorded cases in the first half of … Read more

That’s why she’s so important [Anzeige]

Drones are fun, they film the entire environment and create unique images. In addition to the many positive aspects, users should always keep in mind that failures and accidents can happen. That’s why we’re bringing you Adam Riese’s drone liability insurance. Why a drone can be dangerous? For drone owners, the use of drones directly … Read more

What insurance is really important?

What kinds of insurance do young people really need and what is important to families? What should you pay attention to when you graduate? On the new episode of “Think. Or Sink.”, insurance expert Carsten Möller provides answers to the most important questions. Carsten Möller: The expert knows what is important when it comes to … Read more

Banks and insurance companies are reorganizing their data management

Regulatory requirements for banks and insurance companies are very diverse, affecting a wide variety of areas in their value chain. Therefore, for more than 70 percent of the banks and insurance companies surveyed, the focus in the future will be on establishing a data management platform, according to the non-representative Lünendonk study “From data silos … Read more

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