Does the warm-up turn off during home training? 9 tips on how to save energy

And you’re probably already thinking about how you can reduce your home energy costs. In your own home gym, can the heat be turned off if the workout makes you sweat anyway? Or rather not? Regulate the heating during a home workout: It depends on the type of sport Simply turning off the heating is … Read more

10 minute workout for a flat stomach

10 minute workout for a toned belly We will introduce you to crunch exercises for your stomach, with which you can effectively strengthen and tighten your core. Do them in a circle, so do the exercises in a row for several rounds. Is that how it works: Guide each exercise about 30 seconds outside. After … Read more

Fitness, training and fun: explanation of the fashion surrounding scooters and scooters

Who doesn’t like to remember their childhood, when wooden skateboards were all the rage. Almost every child had one and even today you can still see the wooden classic from time to time, which is almost 150 years old. But the fascination with kick scooters, or “scooters” as they are called today, has not abated. … Read more

15 Minuten Workout: Starte aktiv in den Tag

Kurz-Workout am Morgen Das ideale 15-Minuten-Workout für einen perfekten Start in den Tag Natürlich ist es verlockend: Morgens so lange schlafen, wie es nur geht, und den Wecker mehr als einmal wieder auf Snooze stellen. Aber ist es das wert, dann gestresst, immer noch nicht richtig wach und schlecht gelaunt auf den letzten Drücker zum … Read more

That’s how often you really need to train

How often to train in a week is a question many athletes ask. Especially when it comes to building more muscular strength as quickly as possible. A study by Australia’s Edith Cowan University in cooperation with Niigata and Nishi Kyushu universities in Japan can now answer the question beyond a shadow of a doubt. Study: … Read more

10 minute workout for a flat stomach

Brevity is the spice, is it like that in sports too? In fact, even small fitness sessions can have a positive effect. Especially if you focus on high-intensity exercises and repeat them three to five times a week. A healthy and balanced diet is also important for sporting success. To burn fat, you have to … Read more

4 fitness games to get you in shape this fall

With its cloudy weather and low temperatures, autumn is not exactly an invitation to play sports outdoors. On the contrary: when it’s cold and drizzly, your weaker self is twice as big! But you don’t necessarily have to spend time at home lazily on the couch. we will show you 4 fitness gameswith which you … Read more

Full body functional training with our trainer

With this full body workout, you can stay fit from home, without machines or other equipment. All you need is a soft surface, something to drink and yourself. After a brief warm-up, our personal trainer Curtis will walk you through three exercises in a total of three sets to strengthen your legs, core, and upper … Read more

4 reasons for a Pilates workout

All sport is a benefit for our body, after all, sports activity strengthens our cardiovascular system and thus prevents diseases such as heart attacks or strokes in the long term. Apart from that, exercise strengthens our lungs, lifts our spirits and counteracts obesity, which in turn is considered a risk factor for various diseases. But … Read more

15-Minute “Killer Core Workout” with MadFit

Are you ready to turn your abs on again? Then here comes the perfect workout for you. What do you need for this? A training mat, 15 minutes of your time and good music to motivate you. Optionally, you can grab a dumbbell to push your muscles to the limit. But even without additional weight, … Read more

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