13 tips on how to do something for the environment and your fitness

Environmental protection is important, but so is sport. Both can often be combined. We tell you how you can do something for the environment and that can help your fitness.

Do something active for the environment during daily training: With plogging something like this started in Sweden a few years ago. With this way of jogging, the runners collect the garbage during the race and dispose of it in the next container. The word plogging is made up of the Swedish term ploca – which means “search” or “pick up” – and jogging together. Fortunately, the trend quickly found many imitators. plank – pick up litter during a walk – and prowling – fishing trash out of the water while diving – did the same.

World Cleanup Day, which has been celebrated every September since 2018, is also a good opportunity pick up trash and combine it with movement. Even if you don’t really make fast progress on very dirty sections in parks or along riverbanks, the next day you know you’ve moved right.

Now there is even cleansing yoga. A group gathers in the park to pick up trash before a joint yoga class. and the calls gypsum mountain migrants remove scarves, masks and bottles that others have carelessly left in nature.

In fact, you can transfer the concept of “exercise plus garbage collection” to any other sport you play outdoors. And in addition to picking up litter, you can also actively support environmental protection and do something for your fitness at the same time. We will give you some examples.

Combine environmental protection and fitness

Even in a climatic demonstration you move.
Even in a climatic demonstration you move.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / dmncwndrlch)

Environmental protection and sport or physical activity are often connected without you being particularly aware of it. For example in the following activities:

  • bike instead of car Driving is probably classic when it comes to environmental protection, but for you it’s a win-win situation. After all, you not only protect the environment by saving CO2; it also increases your fitness if you ride a bike regularly.
  • climbing stairsInstead of taking the escalator or elevator, you not only save electricity, but also complete what is probably the easiest fitness program in the world. As far back as 2008, a study from the University of Geneva showed that stair climbing in previously inactive people led to a reduction in body weight, tissue fat content, and cholesterol after just 12 weeks.
  • Eat vegan more often. Meanwhile, many professional athletes like Venus Williams or Lewis Hamilton also rely on a vegan diet. By dispensing with meat you can save a lot of CO2 and avoid the suffering of animals. According to a study, vegan athletes do not have any disadvantages in terms of muscular strength and endurance; the study even concludes that vegans may have better resistance. Also the Netflix documentary”the game changers“ deals with the topic of sport and veganism.
  • That sounds banal at first, but with the gardening you can also do something for yourself and for the climate. Do you build at home, either on balcony or in Yard, your own vegetables, you can sweat. You have to lift heavy bags of earth, dig up beds and regularly water the vegetables. In the urban gardening not only do you save CO2, which can cause the transport of food. You move even more than without homegrown vegetables.
  • Anyone can plant trees using a search engine: but for reforestation campaigns in your area you can become active yourself and plant trees. Trees store carbon dioxide and thus can help limit global warming. And you move around a lot during the planting season.
  • Also biotope care can cause severe muscle pain. The care of the biotope is an important contribution to the preservation of biodiversity. Lawns are often mowed and bushes trimmed. There are now fewer and fewer nutrient-poor wet meadows or semi-arid lawns. These biotopes are the habitat of many insects and birds. These areas must be preserved by maintaining the Biottopf. If you want to participate, you can check with the association for the protection of nature or birds. In Munich, for example, the State Association for the Protection of Birds is looking for helpers to work hard on its website.
  • To go populationcampaigning for environmental and climate protection issues. Demonstration trains sometimes go through the entire city center and travel a few kilometers. As with a long walk, you can reach the recommended daily goal of 10,000 steps achieve at least partially.

And there’s more you can do

Find out if your gym uses green electricity.
Find out if your gym uses green electricity.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / 12019)

But of course it also works the other way around. You can also focus on environmental protection in sports. For example, looking at the following:

  • to buy sustainable sports equipment and don’t wash your gym clothes after every workout. It often helps if you put them outside hang in the air. Because a lot of sportswear polyester exists, comes with every wash microplastics in the water. You can find more here sustainable fitness tips.
  • If you are registered with a gym, you can check if the operators green electricity use. Simply asking questions can put pressure on them and even change their minds. Maybe there is also an energy and water saving gym in your area. Some gyms have photovoltaic systems on their roofs and use them to produce their own electricity or light energy-saving LED lamps.
  • benefit public transport, to reach more distant destinations, for example, the mountains or the sea, depending on where you live. Maybe there is a train that goes near the mountains or a shuttle bus to a bathing lake. If you can only get to the gym or yoga studio or your excursion destination by car, meet up with friends or neighbors. What share the car you also save CO2 and reduce yours ecological footprintthat you leave to future generations.

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