3 best exercises for strong shoulders

While men train it diligently, women often leave this part of their body out of the training: we’re talking about the shoulders. But even if the shoulder muscles are a relatively small muscle group, they should not be neglected during training. Apart from the fact that a defined shoulder area is a point of attraction, we can prevent injuries such as tendon rupture or impingement syndrome by strengthening our shoulders in combination with mobility exercises. We explain what shoulder exercises should not be missing in your training.

Fitness 2022: 3 best exercises for strong shoulders

1. Front raise

One of the most effective exercises for strong shoulders is the front raise, which requires just two dumbbells or, optionally, a full water bottle. The so-called front raises train the front part of the deltoid muscle in particular. Here’s how it works: Stand with your hands hip-width apart, weights in your hands, and arms hanging loosely at your sides. Stand up straight and keep your eyes straight ahead. Now raise your right arm forward until it is level with your collarbone. Turn your wrist inward 90 degrees. Then lower yourself back down in a controlled manner and repeat everything with your left arm. Do a total of 20 repetitions.

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2. Shoulder Press

The shoulder press, which engages the lateral, front, and rear delts, shouldn’t be missing from your workout either; You will also need two dumbbells or filled water bottles for this exercise. With the dumbbells in your hands, stand shoulder-width apart, your body is straight, and your gaze is forward. Then raise the dumbbells and rotate your forearms out into an overhand grip. Position yourself so that your forearms are at a right angle to your upper arms. Then press the dumbbells up and bring them together above your head. Then lower yourself back down in a controlled manner and do everything ten times in three passes.

3. Lateral Raises

The last exercise in the group is the lateral raise, which trains all shoulders. For these exercises, too, stand tall and knee-width apart with the weights in your hands. His gaze is forward. Bend your arms slightly, then slowly raise the weights until they are horizontal at shoulder height. Then lower your back in a controlled manner to the level of your thighs. Repeat this procedure ten times in three rounds.

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Video: 5 minute workout – arm workout with the water bottle


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