3 exercises for strong connective tissue

Connective tissue keeps our bodies in shape and, like a taut web under our skin, ensures that everything stays where it belongs. Our organs and muscles are all surrounded by connective tissue. If we neglect our connective tissue through a sedentary lifestyle and little physical activity, it can become loose and impair the firm appearance of the skin. Regular exercise and physical activity keep your connective tissue in good shape. Here we present the best exercises for strong connective tissue and firm skin.

Fitness 2022: These are the 3 best exercises for your connective tissue

1. Jump rope

Jumping is a full-body exercise that not only strengthens the large leg muscles in the thighs and lower legs, but also supports the supporting muscles in the pelvis, glutes, core, and arms. Your connective tissue also benefits from muscle activation. When muscles repeatedly contract, stretch, and receive blood, the surrounding connective tissue is also strengthened and supplied with nutrients. Jumping rope, skipping, and even walking in place can already strengthen connective tissue and keep it in shape.

How does it work:

  • Your starting position is to stand hip-width apart.
  • Your jumps should be small jumps.
  • When jumping, do not bend your knees and do not raise your heels towards your buttocks.
  • There should be enough space between the sole of your foot and the ground at the height of the jump for the jump rope to pass through.
  • During the jump, your heels do not touch the ground. Jumps are performed from an elastic ball stand.
  • If you have trouble coordinating the rope, feel free to jump without a rope at first. The training effect for connective tissue is the same with or without rope.

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2. Thigh fascia training

Fasciae are elastic collagen fibers of connective tissue. They enclose individual muscle fibers and keep muscle tissue in shape. Regular activation stretches the muscles and surrounding fascial tissue. If the fascia doesn’t move enough, the fibers can stick together. This limits the functional flexibility of the muscles and weakens the connective tissue. With foam rollers you can actively strengthen your connective tissue and remove adhesions.

How does it work:

  • Sit on the floor with your legs stretched out.
  • Slide a foam roller under your right thigh.
  • Support yourself with both hands on the ground and push your body up a little.
  • Your left foot can remain on the ground for stabilization and support.
  • Shift your weight onto the foam roller under your right thigh.
  • Now roll back and forth in slow motion.
  • After a few minutes, switch sides.

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3. Lying Leg Scissors

Slow, controlled muscle contractions can stimulate metabolic synthesis. If the muscles are tight and stretched, the surrounding connective tissue also benefits and receives growth impulses. Leg scissors are ideal for strong connective tissue in the thighs and lower back.

How does it work:

  • Lie on your side on the floor.
  • Support yourself with your elbows and forearms to lift your upper body.
  • Your legs are stretched out and closed one on top of the other.
  • Slowly raise your top leg out to the sides as high as you can.
  • Hold your extended leg in the highest position for a few seconds before slowly lowering it back down.
  • Do ten reps, then switch sides.


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