3 reasons why you should do recovery training

Training ad nauseam every day to achieve maximum success? That is not a good idea. And proven not conducive to our health. The human body requires Rest between training sessions.to regenerate and gain new strength. Muscles need to recover, small tears in muscle fibers need to heal, and the body needs to rest. This is where recovery training comes into play.

What is a recovery workout?

“Recovery training” can be translated as “recovery training”, sometimes also known as “active training”. It’s perfect for the day after an intense workout. Recovery training combines sport and relaxation. These workouts are designed to tone the body during the recovery period. easy support financially. The smaller sports units make the most of your rest day, without overloading your body. A round of relaxed yoga, swimming or cycling are suitable for this, for example.

3 reasons why you should do recovery training

Recovery workouts are good for your body. We name 3 health benefits.

1. Muscles are better supplied with blood.

Recovery training on a rest day has a decisive advantage: light exertion promotes blood circulation in the muscles. The consequence? More nutrients circulate in the blood and tissues. This allows your muscles to recover better during the active regeneration phase.

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2. Reduce muscle pain

We all know the unpleasant muscle pain after intensive training. With active training, you can specifically counteract minor tears in the muscles. Because: Relaxed training reduces the buildup of lactic acid in our muscles. Studies show that muscle pain, for example in the calves, stomach or buttocks, is significantly reduced. And: recovered muscles can grow faster.

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3. Increase flexibility

Yoga, cycling, relaxed jogging – thanks to light sports units during a rest day, you also strengthen the flexibility of your muscles and tendons. So you can start your next “real” workout full of energy and with newly gained strength. This is the only way your body has a chance to get used to new challenges in training, like faster jogging or heavier weights, and you can continue to improve your performance in the long run.

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