5 exercises make calves skinny

Our calves are an often underestimated muscle group. Ergo: Calves are often neglected in training. Also because calf training is usually more tedious than glute or thigh training. Successes take time to come. Nevertheless: Our calves work at full speed and carry us reliably in everyday life. Y: Strong calves are also important in sports, for example for rapids. speed races or successful jump training. In addition, trained calves ensure the stability of Knee Y Achilles tendon. Therefore, it is worth integrating exercises for the calf muscles into training.

Fitness 2022: 5 exercises for skinny calves

1. Calf raise

Calf raises, also known as “calf raises,” are one of the most well-known exercises for strengthening your calves. The exercise is as simple as it is effective. – and can easily home without devices be realized. Just stand up straight and place your feet together. Now raise your heels as high as you can. The back remains straight, the tips of the toes do not move. Slightly tense your stomach and buttocks so that your body is under tension during the exercise. Now lower your feet again and repeat the exercise several times to have nice calves. for one more more intense training effect you can hold dumbbells in your hands.

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2. Train the calves by jumping rope

We all probably know the playground jump rope. But the jump rope is also used in training and high-performance sports. Because: Jumping rope trains both Strength and endurance throughout the body. The calf muscles are also used in so-called skipping rope fortified. A soft landing and a strong drive from the ball of the foot are important. All you need is a jump rope and some space. With a little practice, you will improve.

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3. Jumping lunges

The so-called jumping lunges are jumping lunges. The popular exercise belongs to all cardiovascular exercises. Because not only do you strengthen your muscles, you also burn a lot of calories with this exercise. Y: In addition to the calves, the buttocks and leg muscles are also trained, completely no devices. To do this, bring your body back to the starting position of a normal lunge. Now jump alternately to the so-called “lung”. You can move your arms with it. The upper part of the body remains upright. The front knee should be at ankle height. Repeat the exercise.

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4. Train your calves with a towel

You don’t need expensive equipment for this strong calf exercise either, just a big one. Hand towel: Hold each end of the towel with one hand. Put your foot in the opening. Now start pulling the towel towards the ceiling. Your toes will also lift off the ground. Use your calf strength to push the towel down to the floor. Meanwhile, pulling on the ends creates resistance to overcome.

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5. Calf stretches

If you train your calves, you should Pressure I did not forget it. It is especially important to warm up before training. This protects the ligaments and joints and optimally prepares your body for the next workout. In addition, you prevent injuries. Here’s how it works, for example: Stretch one leg forward and pull your toes up to your nose. The weight is transferred to the rear leg, which is slightly bent. As you stretch, support yourself with your hands on your thighs and slightly bend your upper body forward. Hold the position briefly before switching sides.

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Also effective and beneficial: massages

But not only sports can guarantee beautiful and defined calves, regular lymphatic massages can also reduce swelling, reduce fluid retention and make your calves appear tighter. To do this, go up from below, starting at the ankles. Massage your calves in a circular motion, applying light pressure. Contrast showers are also helpful. Alternating between hot and cold stimulates blood circulation, which can also reduce swelling in your calves.

On the video: Sophia Thiel’s workout – calf squats for the calves


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