5 exercises will help you get a six-pack

Many would like to have a flat, defined and trained stomach, especially in view of the upcoming 2022 beach season. But, as always, there is no “miracle cure” for weight loss. If you want to lose weight in a sustainable and healthy way, whether in your stomach, around your hips or in your upper arms, you need to change your life sustainably. This includes a balanced diet and plenty of exercise.

a new: The most effective against abdominal fat is a combination of different cardio units, such as cycling, swimming or jogging, and special abdominal exercises. These exercises are primarily designed to train and define the abdominal muscles. However, that alone is not enough to reduce body fat. In addition to cardio training, you should integrate speed exercises into your training, such as jumping rope or kickboxing.

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Belly fat is stubborn and dangerous

Belly fat is stubborn and usually only goes away in the end. Belly fat can accumulate even in slim and fit people. The fat deposit in our midsection is quite resistant. Because: There are more so-called alpha receptors on fat cells than there are beta receptors. And: Abdominal fat, also known as visceral fat, increases your risk of heart attacks and strokes. Metabolic diseases like diabetes can also be promoted by abdominal fat.

by the way: In women, the waist circumference should not exceed 80 centimeters. Men’s waist circumference should be less than 94 centimeters.

Fitness 2022: Top 5 Exercises Help You Get a Six Pack

1. Russian twist

The so-called Russian twist trains the lateral abdominal muscles in particular. In addition, you strengthen shoulders and hips with this simple abdominal exercise. All you need is an exercise mat.

Russian Twist Instructions

  • sit on the mat
  • Now bend your legs and keep them in the air. Your feet should not be in contact with the ground.
  • Bring your hands together and begin to rotate your torso from left to right.

Advice: A plate of weights that you hold in your hands during the abdominal exercise provides more intensity. Alternatively, a medicine ball is also suitable.

2. Exercise ball sit-ups

Speaking of the ball: abs can also be spiced up with an exercise ball. Crunches with a gym ball train not only the lateral muscles but also the rectus abs. Also, do it for the low areas main muscles.

Instructions Exercise ball squats

  • Lie on your back on the exercise ball.
  • Bend your knees: about 90 degrees is ideal. Your hands should be above your head.
  • Now start with the classic sit-up move: lift your upper body up and exhale.
  • Bring your body back to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Important: Perform the movements in a controlled and conscious way. Avoid gaining momentum while doing this.

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3. The plank

We all know the forearm support, also known as planking. It is an effective exercise to train the whole body. In addition to the abdominal muscles, the core and back muscles are mainly trained during the exercise. The full body workout works with your own body weight, and it’s as simple as it is effective.

Instructions forearm support

  • Lie face down on a mat.
  • Now raise your forearms and feet.
  • Now raise your hips until your head, buttocks and feet are in a straight line. As you do, she looks down.
  • Hold this stable position for as long as you can. Then repeat the exercise.

Advice: In addition to the classic forearm brace, there are many other plank variations. Every time you do it, you train different muscle groups. For example, with lateral forearm support, the focus is on the buttocks and lateral abdominal muscles.

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4. Knees

In this exercise, too, we sit on a mat: The so-called kneeling exercises are aimed in particular at the stubborn lower abdominal fat and support a strengthened core of the body.

kneeling instruction

  • Sit on your mat and stretch your legs and arms out in front of you.
  • Lift your legs.
  • Now bring your knees towards your body.
  • Then stretch your legs forward again. Repeat the process about 15 times.

a new: During this exercise, the legs should not lower, but remain in the air.

5. Leg raises

The Leg Raise exercise belongs to the category “Abdominal exercises for professionals”. Therefore, we only recommend it to people who do not suffer from back problems and who already have good general body tension. Because: In the following sports exercise against abdominal fat, it is important that your pelvis remains stable and does not tilt into a hollow back. In addition to the rectus abdominis muscles, you also train your thighs with this exercise.

Instructions for raising the leg

  • Lie on your back on a mat. Your arms and hands are at your sides.
  • Now move your legs towards the ceiling. The head and shoulder blades are also in the air and not in contact with the ground.
  • Lower your legs to just above the floor.
  • Repeat the movement about 15 to 20 times.

Important: Make sure to fully straighten your legs during the exercise while keeping your back firmly pressed against the mat.

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